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Monday, October 10, 2016

House of Turds

To any and all Republicans who may read this:

Your party is dead. It, and you, just don't know it yet.

Your party nominated Donald Trump as its candidate for the highest office in the United States and, arguably, the most powerful position in the world. He Is YOUR PARTY'S candidate.

Now, I know you may not agree with some of the things he's said. You may find his comments about "grab(bing) them in the pussy" offensive, insensitive, or even disgusting enough to make you pause and consider your support of the man. But surely the Republican Party is still okay, right?

No, it's not.

Your party decided, over the course of many months of primaries and caucuses, that Donald Trump is the man it wants as its standard bearer. That makes the party complicit in EVERYTHING that comes out of that repugnant man's mouth. They are spending millions of dollars, including millions of taxpayer's dollars (remember the little check box for the Presidential Election Fund on your tax return? That money goes to the parties to be spent only during the general election for President), supporting him. You, in turn, still support the party, even if you are a "Never Trump" Republican. Well, the party has chosen him as the best they have to offer, and look at who and what he is.

See all those Republican elected officials across the country withdrawing their endorsements? That isn't "strong moral fiber" suddenly cropping up. That's fear. Fear that the Republican Party is going to completely collapse and be assigned to the dustbin of history. That's career politicians who are afraid they're going to lose their own elections and are doing the only thing they can to "protect their phony baloney jobs." They're fleeing in terror and calling out Trump for what he is; for what he has been all along: A racist, misogynist, fascist xenophobe. Unfortunately, they've been supporting him all the way up to today; all the way up to "grab them by the pussy." And they know they are screwed because the people are going to tar them with the same brush with which Trump is being tarred. And rightly so. They created this mess or allowed it to be created without uttering so much as a word of caution about what and who he is.

All those who say that they deplore what Trump said because they have a daughter need to find the nearest fire and die in it. It shouldn't take having a daughter to denounce Trump for being a monster, it should take being a decent human being. The daughter excuse is just more rightwing selfishness, like only caring about LGBTQ rights because one has a family member that is LGBTQ.

I don't want him to go to prison. He could weasel out of that. I want something worse for him.

I want him to be poor. I want him to go bankrupt one last time, and this time so thoroughly that we won't be able to wiggle out of it. I want him to watch as they pull his name down from Trump Towers. I want Mar-A-Lago turned into a women's health center. I want every one of his golf courses plowed under. I want his children to abandon him in shame. I want to see Melania abandon him for someone younger and handsomer. I want him to see his brand turned to ash. I want him to live the rest of his life never again being able to command respect from anyone.

So, if you support the Republican Party, especially if you're a lifelong Republican, remember this: Donald Trump is the result of your support and the support of millions of other people just like you.

And that means this is your fault. All of it.

So, take a good long look at the party you have built, campaigned for, supported and praised over these many years. Look at it, and watch it burn.

And remember: This is your fault.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

How Did It Come To This?

Things Trump has talked about and might give you cause for concern:

Trump insulting people:
Fat shaming Miss Universe (Alicia Muchado)
Insulting so many people on Twitter there is a dedicated website for it (it's on
Mexicans BAD (so many instances here I can't keep up)
A Federal Judge (who ruled against him in a lawsuit)
Ban Muslims (But only from bad countries, exceptions for friends and family, it was only a suggestion, Its not about Muslims, Its negotiable, extreme vetting, ideology test, Muslims celebrating 9/11 in NJ)
Filipinos were animals
The disabled,disabled veterans, Gold Star families, POWs and their injuries
Disrespecting a gifted purple heart.
Threaten to punch a midget
The Pope
Female reporters
(Calling a female reporter a bimbo and talking about her menstrual cycle, Singling out a different reporter at a rally, necessitating a Secret Service escort of the reporter from the building. Also Shushing same reporter.)
Twitter as a weapon (Trying to insinuate Ted Cruz's father was involved in the JFK assassination. Trying to embarrass Ted Cruz by tweeting photos of Cruz's wife.)

Trump on Domestic Politics:
End Birthright Citizenship
Deport Illegal immigrants
(Deportation squads, add 5,000 ICE officers,don't call it deportation, exact rules change like the wind, YMMV)
Having five different positions on abortion in three days. (Criminalize abortion, don't criminalize abortion, arrest women, don't arrest women, ban abortions, Punishing women for having abortions)
Refusal to distance himself from White Supremacy. (Reposting white supremacy tweets. Refusing to condemn David Duke. Finally strong armed into disavowing David Duke. Six pointed red stars for Hillary)
Minimum wage (Don't raise the minimum wage-CHINA BAD, Wages should rise based on economic growth, Abolish the federal minimum wage and let states set it, Set a minimum wage the states can ignore, set it to $10 and ignore everything else I said).
Taxes (Tax the wealthy, lower taxes on the wealthy, People like me should pay more, Cut everyone's taxes, New tax brackets)
Obamacare (Repeal it and look to Canada, Repeal it but keep the mandate, Repeal Obamacare and cover everyone, Repeal Obamacare and cover some people, Repeal Obamacare and replace it with something to be determined later)
National Debt (We can pay it off in eight years, Pay it off slowly and invest in infrastructure, Get creditors to accept less debt payments, We can print more money, I won't try to renegotiate the debt, take out more debt to pay debt with debt)
Money in politics (taking money from special interests sells your vote, people can donate if they don't expect anything in return, Trump campaign won't entirely self fund, Money in politics is okay if it helps the trump campaign).
Guns (Get rid of gun free zones, Get rid guns in schools; mostly, trained teachers should have guns, Put trained gunmen in schools, Get rid of some gun free zones, Guns save lives, I didn't mean the Pulse night club should have more guns)
Climate Change (Doesn't exit, Climate change is threatening one of my golf courses)
TV advertising that simultaneously pushes two different tax plans (one that Trump has denied and one that Trump hasn't endorsed)
H1-Bs (good, bad, good, bad.)
"I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created."
Military rape is to be expected.
Women are to blame for being raped while in military service.

Trump Foreign Politics:Build a wall (Deport them all and have everyone reapply, deport American citizen children of illegal immigrants, now some can stay, now all have to go, now some can stay again, Mexico is going to pay for it).
Nuclear Weapons (Why do we have nukes if we don't use them? Not knowing what the Nuclear Triad was. Saying he thinks Saudi Arabia (also Japan and South Korea) should have nuclear weapons.)
NATO (Not fulfill our NATO obligations based on debt)
Russia (Inviting the Russians to spy on/break into another candidates emails and files. I like Putin/Russia isn't that bad, Unaware that Russia is already in the Crimea and Ukraine. Changing the Republican party platform to say we should deny aid to Ukraine.)
Libya (Lying about opposing involvement in Libyan revolt. 2011 Intervention BAD, I didn't say that, the intervention is kind of ok, surgical intervention rather than a "strong" intervention)
Syria (Wanting to carve out an Isis homeland in Syria. Wanting to pay off Isis and Assad as if that would magically make everything better. "I want to create safe zones in the Middle East as we did in Srebrenica. We're gonna get the Gulf states to pay for it.")
Syrian refugees (They are a humanitarian crisis and the US should help. The US shouldn't take refugees, Close the border, Don't close the border; but be careful. Stating he would require political tests for people applying for visas (details are fluid))
ISIS (send in troops and seize oil fields, Bomb the oil fields and send in troops, send in troops and get the oil, destroy the oil and let allies send in troops, Declare war and send in "a small number" of troops)
Iran (Keep the current treaty but police it, Renegotiate the nuclear deal, Lying about the Iranian money movie (seeing millions and millions of dollars unloaded by aircraft)
Iraq war (I was for it, I was against it, Clinton was for it, Clinton was against it)
Torture (Re-institute waterboarding. Getting "Medieval" on people. Kill families of terrorists. I will order the army to torture people. Maybe I won't. Maybe the laws forbidding torture should be changed so people don't break those laws.)
Shredding trade deals (Great deals!, no alternatives have been presented)
Send Americans to gitmo.
Use the Powerball to fund our spy network.

Trump Campaign:
Engaging in abusive behavior of others during the campaign (Lies, Denial, Blame Shifting, Moving the Goal Posts, Bait and Switch, Projection, Generalize and Exaggerate, Yelling over others, Fear Mongering, Body Shaming)-These were all on display during the first debate.
Trump's first general election debate performance. (Summary would be difficult and not do it justice)
Intentionally "pissing on the carpet" as a dominance ritual to cow or scare his opponents (this was on full display during the primaries and has been tried during the general to lesser effect)
Engaging in stochastic terrorism. (The polls are rigged against me, The elections are rigged, Encouraging people to "patrol" polling places to make sure everything is "okay", Says something deliberately inflammatory, waits for the inevitable press attack and then tries to walk it back. Insinuating a "Second Amendment" solution for Mrs Clinton if she wins the general election. Lying about the secret service investigating said terrorism.)
Deflecting blame or finding someone to heap blame upon at rallies (Microphones didn't work, Eject a baby from a rally, Hissy fit over the fire marshalls at rallies, Obama founded ISIS, and Hillary helped. Saying Kaine was a horrible Governor of New Jersey)
Visited Mexico (found out the diplomacy is hard work. And then got called out on twitter by the president of Mexico for lying about Mexico paying for his wall proposal.)
Claiming to have met with organization/person and then having that person refuting it publicly (Chicago Police regarding crime, Black Pastors regarding endorsements, NFL on the presidential debate schedules)
Issues with Campaign Funding/Spending (Soliciting foreign nationals for campaign contributions. Quintupled the rent Trump tower is charging the campaign once the donations started covering costs.)
Tax Returns (The recent NYTimes allegations (not denied), Promising to release his tax returns and then finding reasons to not release them. Refusing to release tax returns because of IRS (The IRS has stated Trump can release his returns at his discretion). Claims that constant audits are persecution for his Christian faith)
Obama (Obama bribed the NY AG to sue Trump University, Birth Certificate, many others)
Appeals to minority voters (Look up Hypocrisy, I can't summarize this)
Attempt to foist all foreign and domestic responsibilities onto the VP so Trump can busy himself "Making America Great Again"
Trump Business:
Over-inflation of corporate claims/income/business achievements (Multiple corporate and personal bankruptcies. "I provide my employees childcare." Bragging how he could make lots of money in the mortgage crisis, Lied about charitable donations. "Was that wrong-should I have not done that?", Claimed to have struck oil on the Upper East side of Manhattan.)
The insinuation that he has ties to the NYC mafia/mobsters. (Including LiButti (mobster and frequenter of Trump casinos), the construction companies that built Trump tower and Trump Plaza, Mobbed up concrete for said construction projects (settled and sealed), taking kickbacks from contractors (settled and buried before it went criminal), managing to have non-union labor at a union site without a picket line blockading the site (settled out of court and sealed), Getting his casino license background check shortened to six months (and so avoiding having to reveal any of the above to the casino commission), Trump providing character witness statements to people convicted of racketeering, drugs, etc and then having a job waiting for them when they job out of jail, skirting several Grand jury and FBI investigations related to the above actions and people. This list is not complete but gives a good range of his activities.)
Trump's history as a football owner (including trying to get the other teams to pay for his payroll and astonishing poor treatment of the cheerleaders (even by cheerleader standards)).
Trump Modeling Services using foreign models illegally (no pay or having them here on nonwork visas)

Trump Personal/Other:
Issues with the media (Denied pretending to be John Barron - his own publicist, Complaining when the Media accurately quotes what he says. It is not "freedom of the press" when newspapers and others are allowed to say and write whatever they want even if it is completely false! (direct quote from twitter). Appearances on the Howard Stern show)
Racism/Bigotry (Spent $85,000 on fear-stoking ads against the Central Park Five (who were proven innocent), doubled down after that. Supported the Death Penalty, cited case in which accused black person was proven innocent as a reason to use it. Lost lawsuit for attempting to harass black tenants in the 80s. Justice Department case about his refusal to rent to black tenants in the 70's. Fined $650,000 by the NJ Casino Commission for issues regarding his treatment of black casino employees. "I would love to be a well educated black man")
Various Feuds and scams (Trump Vitamins and University, Ed Koch, Martha Stewart, Mike Tyson, Spy magazine - Short fingered vulgarian, Trying to get Mar a Largo rezoned from residential to commercial and claiming the rich neighbors objected because they were racist.)
Being involved in over 3,500 lawsuits. (Including but not limited to: Suing companies with "Trump" in the name, Suing TourDeRump because it was to close to Trump, Suing someone who mocked him for 500,000, Suing other people named Trump because they were named Trump, Cutting off a relation from their health insurance, Failing to pay contractors [multiple times], The exact count is subject to discussion)
Rape allegations (buried in lawsuits or sealed in court orders)
Publicly lusting after his daughter.
(Asbestos causing cancer is a mafia conspiracy. Asbestos would have prevented the Twin Towers collapse.)
Trump got a NJ bridge changed so he could pull his yacht up to his Casino.

Clearing Something Up.

I was recently, once again, accused of being mean to people that disagree with me. Well, and maybe I'm proving this idiot's point by saying this, but you will never see his comments on this blog again. Not because he and I disagreed, but because he was a goddamn imbecile. He's entitled to his opinions, but even when others pointed out cold hard facts... he said "Well, it still feels that way". You know, how things "feel". No reason, no logic. Just feel.

Didn't Stephen Colbert dedicate an entire, nine-year, television series to combating that level of stupidity?


But I have no issues with anyone who disagrees with me. As long as you engage me in intelligent conversation, and don't behave like an ass, I'll treat you with respect. A lot of people have commented here over the years whom I have disagreed with. I won't say there weren't occasional moments of head butting, but it's civil.

So yes, the individual in question could not be reasoned with, even after being proven wrong on a factual level. He continued to make comments, comments that I refused to approve... and will never approve. Why? Believe it or not, the argument itself wasn't the last straw. The last straw was when he blamed his behavior on his autism. If you do that, ever... you are dead to me.

I have a lot of friends on the autism spectrum. They do not behave badly, and they never, ever use their autism as a crutch. Being an ignorant asshole is a choice. And don't tell me you're not an idiot because you graduated from college... Donald Trump fucking graduated from college, and he's an asshole, a piece of shit, and an idiot. So fuck you.

And I just can't stand that excuse. I never could.

Okay, it's story time with Uncle Greg.

When the Gathering was still around, we had a gigantic asshole show up to three of the conventions. The first con he attended was run by a different staff than the one I attended, and they allowed... let's call him Rod... they allowed Rod to run around and harass people, didn't enforce any of the rules, and harass the guests. Nothing was done to reign him in.

The next year, the team I was a part of hosted. Needless to say, we didn't have any of that shit. He showed up and, once again, walked around with entitlement oozing out of his every pore. He tried to harass the guests, he tried to talk all over people during the panels, and I'll never forget when the voice actors were signing autographs and he very publicly, and obviously tried to line jump... I marched over to him and told him that he needed to wait in line like everybody else. He argued with me. I told him again, he argued with me. I had to threaten to pull his badge and have hotel security escort him out before he screeched at me "FINE!!!!!!" (the entire room, and the talent heard him) before storming off.

That's only the tip of the iceberg... we had a list of complaints about him as long as Reed Richards' arms. What was the excuse he used? His autism. He demanded a free pass, and that he be treated like a king... that everything revolve around him... because he was autistic.

It climaxed at the final Gathering when the banquet was sold out and he spent two days walking around the con and demanding that people give him their banquet pass. That he was entitled to it because he was autistic.

Again, I realize this might sound ableist, but I don't mean to come off that way. I have a lot of autistic friends and they don't behave this way. Not only that, but they resent people that do.

I generally like this blog to be a respectful place. Not necessarily when I review bad productions, but when I engage back and forth with people that comment. But be respectful, don't be entitled, and for the love of god... don't make excuses for being an asshole.

In other news, the asshole I'm writing about has slithered over to another blog and is posting the exact same shit. I don't think he's played the autism card there yet, but he will... luckily that blog is run by a far nicer person than I.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

2016 Emmys!

Congratulations to "Game of Thrones" on all your big wins. While I don't think you deserved this last year, you definitely earned it this year. Well done.

Of course, GoT won't be eligable for the 2017 Emmys since it will be premiering months later than usual. "Better Call Saul", will it be your turn to shine?

Also congratulations to John Oliver for his big win. But stay on your toes, because Samantha Bee is overtaking you fast.

Oh, and because I am obligated to be mean to this failed show and this failed thespian.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Spectacular Radio Podcast

I suppose I should have mentioned this here. Anyway, I host a podcast dedicated to discussing and analyzing "The Spectacular Spider-Man" animated series. It's hosted on, alongside Clone Saga Chronicles and Mayday Mondays.

We go through the series episode by episode, devoting two podcasts to each episode. The first is an interview with Greg Weisman and various other guests. The second is a fan panel where myself my co-hosts, Zach Joiner, Gerard Delatour, Jesse Garret, and other guest hosts discuss, review, and analyze each episode.

So far we've finished the first season of the show. Alongside Greg Weisman, we've also had Jennifer L. Anderson, Vic Cook, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, Vanessa Marshall, Andrew Robinson, Josh Keaton, and Ben Diskin. And I hope to have even more people on as we cover the second season.

Check it out:

Saturday, August 13, 2016

... then they came for Kevin Conroy

Batman... the real Batman... broke his silence and commented on Zack Snyder's most recent cinematic excretion. Usually, in cases like this, actors keep their mouths shut. They want to work again, after all. But no actor has imbibed the character of Batman like Conroy has with his nearly three-decade stretch portraying the character. As far as I am concerned, Kevin Conroy is Batman.

But, the cinematic world has been invaded by a serpent named Zack Snyder. Snyder's movies are made to stimulate the nether regions of a certain kind of fan. Mostly angry. Mostly male. Mostly white. These movies have not been well received by most people outside their bubble, especially critics. Naturally, these Snyder-Bros lash out and accuse them of being bribed by Disney and Marvel. Or they make up other conspiracy theories. Bias. SJWs. Etc. Etc. They're at war with an enemy that doesn't exist.

May I ask you, who does this remind you of?

Now, I'm not out and out saying that Zack Snyder is Donald Trump. But Snyder's fans are definitely a lot like Trump's supporters. I'd be interested in seeing a Venn Diagram of the overlap. The parallels are uncanny. Snyder appeals to angry dude-bros in scary ways. He's their patron saint of comic book movies. Plus the conspiracy theories... "Crooked Hillary is rigging the election" and "Marvel is paying critics". I could keep going.

Trump's supporters never liked minorities, as Snyder fans don't care for that "SJW, Pussy, Marvel" crap. But, beyond that, Trump's supporters have turned against veterans. Witness their attacks on POWs and Gold Star families. Snyder's fans have done their own unthinkable, they turned on Kevin Conroy. And viciously. I'll share a few examples.


I think this all speaks for itself.

Meanwhile, petitions are being written and signed to shut down Rotten Tomatoes and Donald Trump is recruiting assholes to show up at the polls, armed, to intimidate the "wrong people" from voting... er, I mean make sure voting is fair.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Reclaiming a missing piece of my childhood.

"Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" was released in theaters on Christmas Day, 1993. It came, and went in less than a week. There were few screenings, and it was a box office flop. I was twelve when it was released, and missed  the very brief window to see it. Of course I bought it on VHS a few months later and then on DVD. I've seen the movie dozens of times since then, but I always wished that I could have seen it on the big screen.

Sometimes wishes come true.

Last night, the Alamo Drafthouse ran a special showing of "Mask of the Phantasm". Despite having seen it dozens of times, despite owning it on DVD and VHS, I went and paid $10 to see it on the big screen. And I was happy to do it. Even happier when I found out that what I was about to watch was one of only two 35mm prints left in existence. I left the theater an hour and a half later feeling like a kid again. I wanted to see it on the big screen back in the day and now... twenty-three years later, it's finally happened.

It's still the best Batman movie ever made and, as far as I'm concerned, there is no competition. None. After the atrocious "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" and the offensive "The Killing Joke", I needed to step back in time and remember when Warner Bros. was capable of making great DC movies like this.

Why isn't this movie on Blu-ray, yet?