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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"The Cleansing"

I think I'll mention it here first. "The Cleansing" is a script that I have been developing for over three years now. The idea popped into my head while sitting in my screenwriting class at Full Sail Real World Education. It was just this big, amorphous thing in my head which was begging to take shape.

It took me three years to uncover the story. In that time, the outline alone went through several drafts; characters came and went, some changed entirely. I also had the input of others who pointed things out that I didn't see. Even the identity of my protagonist changed. But one thing the story always was, it was the story of this woman.

I was also helped out by having a truly inspirational muse. She knows who she is ;)

The film has its own blog, and hopefully with a lot of work, determination, and a little luck, it will develop past the script stage.

But, "The Cleansing" is only one story in my arsenal. More are in the works as well. Time will tell.

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