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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Entertainment is not a belief system.

So, a friend of mine got in trouble on a forum for making a crack about Ayn Rand.

"I'm giving you a poke for your remark to CENSORED. It's fine to disagree with him but to take a personal shot at his beliefs is uncalled for, immatrue,flamebait"

Last I checked, the works of Ayn Rand are not a protected belief system. For that matter, as much as the Church of Scientology might want people to think otherwise, L. Ron Hubbard isn't a religious figure. He is a science fiction author. If you want to be a fan of their works, that's fine. But to turn it into a belief system is just taking things way, way, way too far.

I am a huge fan of "Gargoyles," "Babylon 5," "Casablanca," the films of Quentin Tarantino, and the works of William Shakespeare and J.R.R. Tolkien. And while there are lessons to be learned from those works, and some have had a profound affect on me, I think it would be preposterous for any of them to be protected as "beliefs."

That being said, as much as I love Rorschach as a character, I recognize him for the psychopath that he is. A heroic psychopath, and while I may understand, and even agree with most of his actions, his Objectivist views on the world are fucked up.

Here's an actual quote that I once received from a Rand-Head:

"it wasn't a rape scene. Dominique wanted it. Rape is a violation of individual rights and Rand was a passionate defender of IR."

Sick, isn't it? See how long that defense lasts in court. Shit, that phrase is so disgust/rage-inducing, anyone planning to use it as their defense would honestly be better off throwing themselves at the mercy of the court.

But then again, I've always felt that Ayn Rand was a bitter, creepy, sociopath. Anyone, much less a woman, who depicts the horrific act of rape in her works, perpetrated by her protagonist (and not a villainous protagonist) and uses the "oh, she wanted it" line is just subhuman.

Sorry, but I don't like rape-romance fantasy novels. I am working on a story that includes a rape as a central plot point of the story, but rest assured that I would never depict rape as anything but the monstrous act of evil that it is.

So, I'm about done, and I'm fighting a head cold, so to you, my readers, I leave this gift that I stole from


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  1. I'm touched Greg, I truley am! :) And for any one else doubting how truley $%@&ed-up Rand was, check this out...