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Friday, January 8, 2010

Joss Whedon Is a Bastard...

Twilight has been revealed. And I mean Buffy's new Big Bad. Not Stephanie Meyers' terrible book series.


Dark Horse revealed this months before the issue is to be released. Sales were dropping, and I think they wanted to create buzz.

Anyway, for the past four years, Buffy has been battling a new Big Bad called Twilight. A masked man with a lot of power, resources upon resources, and he had Warren, Amy, Riley, and what seems like the Initiative in his employ.

And it was heavily hinted that Twilight was someone Buffy knew, someone we've seen before in the series. Someone who once it was revealed, it would feel like a punch in the gut.


There it is. And all I've got to say is holy shit!

This is just like watching Wash die again.

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