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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Top Eleven Villain Songs...

So, the Nostalgia Critic just did his Top Eleven Villain Songs. He and I have much in common, we both love villains. And in these musicals, we both think the villains have the best songs. I agree with most of his choices there. But, for the fun of it, I thought I would highlight three villain songs that didn't make his list that I always enjoyed.

Jafar shows just what a power mad dictator he truly is with this one. I love that little slap he gives Aladdin near the end, showing just how beneath him the street rat truly is. He's just having a blast and rubbing salt in the wounds.

Who would have thought Vincent Price could sing? This is a long one, and one of only two song numbers in the movie, but it's memorable. And a mouse gets brutally murdered in it. Professor Ratigan, beneath his class and sophistication, is a lowly thug and I think this song reflects that quite well.

And finally, this one may be a bit unorthodox, but I have always enjoyed it. He didn't get a song in his movie, but the spin-off series brought him a song that's quite menacing and fun. Especially since I am such a patriotic New Yorker.

That, and I just like Hades a lot. Sure, the movie he was in was mediocre, but the TV show was fun, and James Woods is great a very fun villain. Okay, so James Woods doesn't even attempt to sing this all the way through, but it's still good.


  1. The Jafar song is a good one but Gilbert Gottfried drags it down a bit. My God someone give that man a mute button.

  2. I haven't seen the NC special, but wow, I'd forgotten how awesome Jafar and Ratigan were.

    Though when it comes to Vincet Prince singing, nowadays this is the first thing that comes to mind:

    Wood's performance in the Hades song is a little stilted, but I agree he was the best part of Hercules...

    ...if I could only get over my pesky Greek myth fangirlism and bring myself to watch anything to do with Disney's Hercules again. XD


  3. See, I love that version of Hades. Very much. I know it's not at all purist, but hey, love it. The movie itself was mediocre, but the TV series that spun off from it was a lot of fun.

  4. I think the one song on the Nostalgia Critic's list that I objected to the inclusion of was "In The Dark of The Night" from Anastasia. From what it said about it, it sounds like he probably wouldn't have become so partial to it if he hadn't heard the song before seeing the movie. I had considered that it might be bias on my part since I don't like the movie very much, but mediocre movie aside, it's a largely generic song and I'm not fond of those.

    Can't argue with "Hellfire" for his top pick though.

    I would argue for the inclusion of "Gaston," which is not particularly menacing, but does a great job of illustrating who the character is, and "Big and Loud" from the tragically overlooked (including, at one time, by me) Cats Don't Dance.

  5. Personally I think "The Seven Deadly Virtues" deserves an honorable mention.