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Monday, March 8, 2010

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

I'll do something a little different this time, publish my Twitter feed for the day, and add some commentary at the end.

* 12:11:26: Ever have your phone off for a day, only to turn it on and get bombarded by twitters?
* 16:07:11: RT @ConanOBrien: Hey gang! Look for me at the Oscars tonight. I'll be in the parking
lot, wearing my prom tux and listening on the radio.
* 17:50:09: I'm calling it now... "The Hurt Locker" walks away with the gold statue.
* 18:44:35: RT @JamesUrbaniak: Nice directing choice. Ethan Coen as "Jew in audience."
* 18:49:39: And the Oscar for best supporting Actor goes to... Christoph Waltz! This is excellent!
* 18:55:53: RT @JamesUrbaniak: Ryan Reynolds really pushing the Serling-esque pauses there.
* 18:58:29: And there's Ed Asner. Good luck, Ed
* 18:59:20: "Up" wins best animated feature. Anyone surprised? Of course not, it deserved it.
* 19:00:39: Alec Baldwin... you're not funny.
* 19:02:29: Two songs nominated from "The Princess and the Frog" and neither one of them sung by Keith David. Where is the justice?
* 19:05:44: Captain Kirk is representing!
* 19:09:21: RT @JamesUrbaniak: .@toddalcott to his son Sam, 8. "District 9 is a little too weird for you now." Sam: "A little too COOL."
* 19:12:22: RDJ and Tina Fey... Iron Man and Sarah Palin!
* 19:16:05: And here I had my fingers crossed for my boy, Quentin.
* 19:16:29: RT @JamesUrbaniak: .@toddalcott: "Ethan Coen politely applauds."
* 19:20:37: Hee hee, John Hughes... mullet.
* 19:41:57: "Star Trek" -- Academy Award winning Feature. Woot!
* 19:47:26: Who was that bitch that ran up on stage?!
* 19:50:52: "Precious" wins best adapted screenplay. Saw that one coming.
* 19:53:49: Gordon Willis is the greatest cinematographer that ever lived. End of story.
* 19:55:35: Lauren Bacall still looks radiant.
* 20:00:36: Congratulations, Mo'nique.
* 20:20:04: Some great horror choices so far.
* 20:31:03: If Avatar can't beat "Hurt Locker" at technical awards... it's safe to call this one.
* 20:37:41: Demi Moore... Hollywood's hottest MILF!
* 20:41:04: Was really happy to see David Carradine up there. He'll always be Bill to me.
* 20:52:45: "Up" won Best Score! Did not see that coming, well done!
* 20:54:46: VSX: I'm rooting for "District 9" but it'll be Avatar
* 20:57:27: RT @jvfriedman: RT @nerdheroine: We couldn't let Bacall and Corman speak but we had time for these dancing people? I hate you #oscars
* 21:06:14: RT @JamesUrbaniak: Finally, it's not about the politics, it's about the porpoises.
* 21:09:30: Wow, Keanu's beard looks stupid.
* 21:24:51: "Play it, Sam!"
* 21:32:47: Calling it now Jeff Bridges takes it and..... I'm right!
* 21:33:11: The Dude abides
* 21:41:47: Damn, Sandra Bullock looks so much like Jen, it's scary.
* 21:49:04: Sandra Bullock wins an Oscar the day after she wins a Razzie! Awesome, awesome, Jen's look-a-like!
* 21:56:28: Congratulations to Kathryn Bigelow. It's over, btw.
* 21:59:12: Best Picture: "The Hurt Locker" ... I called it.
* 22:28:45: And now, I'm back to updating this thing three times a day at most.

It was very predictable this evening, but I am quite pleased with the results. I'll admit, I was in the "anything but "Avatar"" camp. And to see James Cameron lose to his ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow, was beautiful. But, that's not the only reason she deserved it. "The Hurt Locker" was a very powerful piece of cinema. It may have not been the crowd favorite, but the crowd likes to see Christians fed to lions.

But, I'll admit, I'd have been quite pleased if "Inglourious Basterds" pulled off a surprise upset. That film was amazing on every level.

Aw well, I'm still very pleased. It was either "I Am Woman" or "The Bitch Is Back." But Cameron lost, so the former won out. So, we don't need to hear another speech by James Cameron where he masturbates his own ego... he'll heave the uber special edition audio commentary track on "Avatar" to do that.

And on one last personal note, Jen, for those of you who don't know her, is Jennifer L. Anderson. A close friend of mine for thirteen years now, and I wasn't the first, fifth, or twentieth person to point out that she and Sandra Bullock look a like. So, I think it's cool that the doppleganger of my very beautiful friend gets honored in such an amusing way.

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