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Saturday, April 17, 2010


So, while digging through the ASK GREG archives, I found the very first question I ever asked Greg Weisman. There is no date, but this was early 1997, and I was a much younger person (probably about fifteen). Also, in those days, I was a bit of a Demona Apologist (sigh, I know, I know... didn't I cover that in an older blog post?) and I think it comes through a bit.

This was before Greg and I became friends, probably over a year before I even met him for the first time. But I've been feeling sentimental lately.

Just for the record, I did sign my name, but the archives existed in a much different form before their 1999 upgrade.

Anonymous writes...

Demona is definetly my favorite character on Gargoyles. She's intellegent, beautiful, has a great voice[excellant job Marina], and I can understand why she's insane. Imagine coming home one day and finding pieces of your loved ones all over the place. I guess we'd all snap. How did you come up with her character? The tragic villain, not the comedy character. Did you ever plan a spinoff show about her and what she did through the centuries? I'd watch it. Well thanks for taking the time to read my question. Ciao.

Greg responds...

No spin-offs were planned for Demona, though I had hopes to tell more flashback stories about her life. She would have remained a recurring character in GARGOYLES and she would have been a regular in both DARK AGES and FUTURE TENSE. And she would have appeared at least once in TIMEDANCER.

All of that is moot for now, but maybe someday...

I basically enjoy villains a lot. I think the villains in our show were very unique, particlarly Demona and Xanatos. Much of Demona's character came so easily and fit together so well, I hesitate to take credit for it. Demona was out there in the mist ready to be revealed to the world. At any rate, I certainly must share credit with everyone else who worked with the character, in particular Michael Reaves, who wrote "Awakening". Still, from the beginning of our second phase (read non-comedy) development, we already knew Demona was a traitor who had meant well initially but could not face up to her own guilt. Though I hadn't worked out all the details of "City of Stone" from that early point of pre-Awakening development, I also knew that she had not slept through the centuries as Goliath and the others had. She would have had to live through 1000 years of persecution and prejudice. I knew that she was Goliath's lost love. How he viewed her defined both who she was and who she wasn't. I knew she was a tragic figure. I didn't want the audience to forgive her actions, but I did want them to understand.

And the original link

As any good "Gargoyles" fan knows, the "Future Tense" spin-off became "Gargoyles 2198." Also, in my question, I kinda left out the part where Demona was (in)directly responsible for the fate of those loved ones.

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