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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hope for "Gargoyles"

So, today I read that Boom Studios is turning "Darkwing Duck" from a mini-series to an on-going series. Based just on the fan response. It got me thinking that maybe the Gargoyles Fandom should try to get their attention.

Boom is a great comic book company, and I think "Gargoyles" would do quite well there. I just wrote to them. Mentioned "Gargoyles," the fanbase, Greg, and how impressed I am with their company and how, as a fan, I think they'd be a great home for the series I love. etc.

I think we should all write to them, and spread the word to other fans... drum up the interest. Because, I personally think Boom is one of our better options right now.

Here's their contact info:


Let's get their attention! Let's try to get five hundred people to e-mail them over the next month or so. I think we can do this.

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