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Saturday, September 18, 2010

"The Rally to Restore Sanity"

Long time no update, but that doesn't mean I am dead. Just been busy. I am usually quite loathe to get into politics on this blog, but I am making an exception in this case.

Last Thursday, Jon Stewart announced his plans to hold a rally on October 30th, 2010, on the national mall in Washington DC. The Rally to Restore Sanity, as he called it. Basically, it's a rally for those of us who aren't angry and shouting, and think painting a Hitler mustache on Barack Obama or George W. Bush is stupid.

I don't believe Barack Obama is a secret Muslim socialist, and I don't believe George W. Bush allowed the terrorist attacks of September 11th to happen just so Halliburton can get richer. Nor do I think Obama, Bush, or Clinton were our worst presidents ever... everyone knows that was Warren G. Harding. Well, everybody who reads.

I believed the Tea Party started out as a good idea, because I am against these bail outs also, but it became a weapon of the crazies. I despise both Keith Olbermann and Glenn Beck. I believe that Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN all lie. Rush Limbaugh and Randi Rhodes are hurting the country with their rhetoric. I like John McCain and hate Sarah Palin.

I am your average, progressive, moderate libertarian. And I mean a real libertarian, not one of these ultra right conservatives who call themselves a libertarian because "Republican" is a dirty word.

Now, I am a huge fan of Jon Stewart. I don't always agree with his politics, but this is a guy who doesn't bullshit, and who is more bipartisan than people on either side give him credit for. So, I was delighted when he announced his Rally to Restore Sanity. I was also delighted when his protégé, and faux foe, Stephen Colbert announced his competing March to Keep Fear Alive.

Right now, I have every intention of attending. A day in Washington D.C. on the national mall could be fun. I always wanted to attend a political rally, but there have been so few I could support. Well, restoring sanity and moderation is something I do support. And it might give me some hope that our political system isn't beyond saving.

So, mark your calendars. October 30th, 2010. The national mall. Bring cookies!

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  1. I will disagree with you about one thing, the Tea Party was never a good idea, nor did they ever really give a damn about the bailouts. If they did they would have been out protesting when Bush was doing it.

    They'll never admit it out loud, but the Tea Partiers one and only bone of contention is that a black guy was allowed in the White House.