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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Freedom of Speech & Rick Sanchez

For those of you who say that this is a Freedom of Speech issue, I strongly disagree. In any corporation in America, if you sit around your lunch room and say “My boss is a jerk”, you will get fired. Rick Sanchez has freedom of speech. No one hauled him off to prison for his remarks. No one censored him. Freedom of speech means that you can say whatever you want. It doesn’t mean that there are never any consequences for what you say.

Secondly, to those of you who say, “Jews do control the media. He was telling the truth. What’s the problem with telling the truth?”, here is my problem with that statement. It has to do with the word “Control.” If you say, “Jews are disproportionately represented in the media given their percentage of the population”, then I have absolutely no problem with that statement. It is certainly true. But the problem is, by saying that Jews “control” the media, you are implying that Jews are not simply a group of people who have a common heritage and religion, you are implying that they are group that works together and has some kind of master plan to control the media. You are also implying that Jews are not really Americans, they are some kind of foreign or insidious group who uses the media for their own nefarious purposes.

And finally, and most importantly, you are being racist, because you are saying that it does indeed matter what someone’s ethnic background and religion is. If the majority of people in the media were Christians that would be a non-issue, and I’m sure it’s the case that in most industries the majority of the people in power are Christians. But you never hear the statement that “The Christians control the dairy industry.” So basically by making it an issue that Jews “control” the media, you’re saying that it’s fine if Christians dominate an industry, but that it is bad or something to be remarked upon that Jews dominate an industry.

Why should it matter that a lot of people whose ancestors came from Eastern Europe and are Jewish work in the media? I think the implication is that Jews don’t share our American values, and that they are up to something. They are controlling us with their pro-Zionist, pro-gay, leftist, Anti-American values. And that’s why I think it’s objectionable to say that “Jews control the media”, because you are implying that Jews are outsiders who are not loyal Americans, who might have their own agenda and who aren’t good old normal folk. Also, it’s the same argument that has been used time and time again over the centuries to persecute Jews.

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