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Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Academy Awards

Well, several of my predictions were wrong. Let's take a look, shall we?

First off, as much as I personally loved it. It's not going to be "Inception." And I know it won't be "Toy Story 3." If I had to guess, "The Social Network" will easily take this one. But "The King's Speech" may be a Best Picture surprise.

Where did I go wrong? "The King's Speech" was Best Picture, but it was by no means a surprise. If "The Social Network" won, that would have been the surprise.

You're going to notice a trend here, but I suspect that Colin Firth will take this one. But if not him, then Jesse Eisenberg. Javier Bardem won three years ago, and Jeff Bridges won last year, so they're out.

Okay, I was right about this one. No big shocker.

Natalie Portman is taking this one. Annette Bening might be her competition, but anyone who isn't blind, deaf and dumb can see that this is Natalie's year.

Once again, I was right. Now, if only they'll make "Mathilda The Professional."

My instincts are definitely saying Geoffrey Rush. Aside from "The Social Network," it is obvious that "The King's Speech" is a favorite. Of course, Geoffrey Rush is incredible, so he'd have earned this one.

This one definitely took me by surprise. Christian Bale won, and I never saw it coming. Well, Joker already has an Oscar, Christian Bale had to get one too. Why? What? Are you dense? Are you retarded? Who the hell do you think he is? He's the goddamn Batman!

Hmm, again, for the same reasons as above, I've got to come down on the side of Helena Bonham Carter. Let's face it, she'll never be nominated for Belatrix LeStrange.

I was wrong again, they gave it to Melissa Leo. She must have been surprised too, she dropped the f-bomb.

This is clearly David Fincher's year. And I like him a lot. I love the Coen Brothers, but this is definitely not their year. Tom Hooper might take this, but my gut tells me that Fincher is taking this.

And this, my friends, is exactly why I should never gamble. Tom Hooper took this one, but I still believe it was Fincher's year.

As much as I think "The King's Speech" is likely to take this, I also think it's just as likely that they might toss "Inception" this award to placate it.

Well, I was right about "The King's Speech." But I have since learned that it was based on a book, so this movie had no business being nominated in this category. Does anyone know how this happened?

It definitely won't be "Toy Story 3." While "True Grit" might get it, because the Coen Brothers write great scripts, again "The Social Network" is the favorite, and I am confident will take this.

While "The Social Network" was hardly the favorite, I'm calling this one a winning prediction.

"Toy Story 3" has this. It's a lock. Michael Bay will win a Best Director Oscar before "Toy Story 3" loses this one.


Oh... this is a tough one. But, my prediction is "Black Swan." It was gorgeous on the eyes.

I was wrong, "Inception" took this. It really cleaned up in the technical awards. But, as much as I loved "Inception," I stand by what I said. "Black Swan" was gorgeous.

"Inception" will take this one. Easily. In fact, and sadly, this is the one award it's guaranteed to win.


Now, as for the show itself. Anne Hathaway was bubbly and having fun, but James Franco was not a good choice to host this thing. He wasn't into it, I think he was twittering during the show a few times. And he just lacked charisma. When Billy Crystal came out, I was hoping they'd pass hosting duties to him right then and there. Hell, the ghost of Bob Hope would have been preferable.

I was really glad to see Trent Reznor take home an Oscar. I never, ever thought I'd see it happen.

Still, overall, a boring show. I hope next year's is far more interesting.

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