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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gender Equality In Animation Or Why Can't Women Be As Perverse As Men?

I've written about female equality in animation before. Frankly, I don't think we're quite there yet. For the last two decades, women have thankfully graduated from being just girlfriends, victims and damsels to become strong, tough, and capable of taking on anything that a male character can. This is, of course, awesome.

On the flip side, it seems that whenever a woman is not being depicted as being just as tough as anyone in the room, you get cries of sexism. Well, I am going to say it. Not every woman in the world is a perfect bad ass. Adding to that, not every MAN in the world is a perfect bad ass!

Take Miss Martian from "Young Justice" for example. Since she appeared, all I've seen was that she is a bad role model for girls. She's not as tough as the other members of the team. She is the most socially awkward, and seems the least confident. If it were a male character, I don't think we'd be seeing this level of backlash.

True equality comes when you can have characters of both genders be just as strong or just as weak as anyone else. And I'm not saying Miss Martian is weak, the girl was obviously sheltered for obvious reasons, and I am sure she will continue to grow and mature just like the rest of the cast will.

On another note, and what I am also getting at. I am used to seeing a lot of womanizing male characters. But we don't often see female characters act that way towards males? Why is that? Most women are just as perverted, horny, and like to play the field as much as most men do.

Yes, I know there is a social stigma to that. But that is truly sexism. The womanizing man is hilarious, and a lovable goof ball. The woman who plays the field is a dirty slut. I have always called bullshit on this kind of thinking.

The only recent example I can think of where we had a prominent female character play the field was Mary Jane Watson in "The Spectacular Spider-Man." And I remember a pretty strong backlash against that. Never mind that this was true to Mary Jane back when Stan Lee and John Romita were telling her stories, nope... she went on one date with Peter and a lot of people expected her to become his dutiful girlfriend. After just one date. In their eyes, she became "the whore of Babylon." Again, bullshit. If Mary Jane was a "slut" then what the hell does that make Kid Flash?

Anyway, like I said, I think we will have really hit gender equality in animation the moment a female character can be just as "disgusting" and "sleazy" as any male character without any of that stigmata. Plenty of male characters only care about pussy and are beloved characters. Let's see a woman who is interested in just cock and not romance in animation without being demonized some time, shall we?

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