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Friday, February 18, 2011

Job Interview today...

Part of the fun of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry is the little odd jobs you have to do while waiting for that break. I think that I will let you all in on a job interview I went to today.

Yesterday, I applied to a bunch of job ads on craigslist. Shortly after one of them, Luxe Marketing, called me to offer me an interview. While listening to her, I heard some very familiar buzzwords. "We'll train you to work in management." "You'll make a lot of money." "Guaranteed full time job."

It reminded me a lot of a job I only worked for one day about two years ago in Los Angeles. But yes, my spider-sense was tingling, but I went in anyway.

It turns out that it was a marketing company that pays you commission only. You can either go door to door, or hang out in malls trying to sell offers to remodel bathrooms, or pass out flyers for sporting goods stores. How passing out flyers can be a commission job is beyond me.

Now, I've worked more than a few jobs, more than a few gigs, and I've been to a lot of job interviews over the years. I know when smoke is being blown up my ass. So, after about fifteen minutes of listening to her, she asked me if I had any questions. Turns out that I did.

"You know, my mother has said to me in the past that I am a manipulative, lying snake. As such, I think I would serve Luxe Marketing much better doing what you do, and trying to dupe people into accepting these job offers. Would that be possible?"

I left, got myself some Chicken McNuggets, and came home. I found an e-mail asking me if I was interested in coming in for another interview

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