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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mel Gibson

Why am I writing this? Because too many people still defend this creep. And, being that this blog is my blog, and it is about my commentary on pop culture, I don't think it is inappropriate to talk about this fallen icon. By the way, as a warning, fallen icon is the nicest thing I am going to say about him.


We all know Mel Gibson. He was once the biggest superstar in Hollywood. "Lethal Weapon," "Braveheart," "Ransom," "Mad Max," "Chicken Run" (btw, I find it delicious that he was the heroic American in a children's movie that was Holocaust allegory), and so many others.

His personal life was what many would call the American dream. Aside from being fabulously wealthy, he was married to the same woman for twenty years and they had way too many children. He was voted People Magazine's sexiest man alive, and he was a sex symbol, and deemed one of Hollywood's nicest people.

Sure, there were warning signs early, like when he made some very homophobic remarks in the 90's. But, sadly, homosexuals are still considered to be acceptable targets by way too many people in this country, so that was allowed to slide.

"They take it up the ass. [pointing at his posterior] This is only for taking a shit."

When did I begin to see the warning bells? When he made "The Passion of the Christ." As soon as I saw that movie, I saw the real Mel Gibson. That movie was the most profitable piece of anti-semitic pop culture since "Mein Kampf" was published in Europe. Oh, but people kept on telling me it was a spiritual movie, that there was nothing anti-semitic about it. "Greg," they would say, "you're being an overly sensitive PC fuck head." Well, I was right. No one would admit it for a few more years, but I was right.

It was also around this time that Mel Gibson said his wife was going to Hell because she was Episcopalian and not a Catholic like him. He said this to reporters in a live interview. If you are so dogmatic with your religion that you believe such a thing about your wife, the mother of your children, then you better keep that shit to yourself. Of course, he later left her, because we all know Catholicism is okay with divorce and Henry VIII just kicked the Catholic Church out of England for shits and giggles.

And then, in 2006, Mel Gibson was pulled over, drunk off his ass, and what did he say to the cops?

"Fucking Jews... Jews are responsible for all wars in the world."

Oh, but wait, weren't his defenders saying he was not anti-semitic? You would think this would open some eyes. Well, it did for some, but his defenders got even more defensive, and blamed it on the alcohol. Now, I am going to spend the next paragraph telling people who still adhere to this what fucking retards they really are.

Alcohol does not make a racist. Adolf Hitler didn't have one too many drinks before he authorized his Final Solution. I've been drunk plenty of times, and I have never expressed any racist or bigoted thoughts. When I was drunk, I got way too honest, and some barriers came down, but I was only speaking my mind without a filter. That's what everyone I know does when they're drunk, and that's what Mel Gibson did when he got drunk. He expressed feelings that he already long held.

But, he issued a phony apology, and people forgave him. Because, sadly, it's okay to badmouth the Jews. Not okay with me, but okay with way too many people.

Well, after leaving his wife, Mel Gibson started a relationship with a mediocre musician named Oksana Grigorieva, and being the good, conservative Catholic that he is, fathered a daughter with her out of wedlock. And being the great man that he is, domineered, beat her, and terrified her. And once hit her hard enough to knock out teeth while she was holding their baby.

And then, Oksana, deciding she had enough, tape recorded phone conversations with Mel Gibson. These tapes got leaked, and hilarity ensued. Here are some of Mel's greatest hits:

"You're an embarrassment to me. You look like a fucking bitch in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of niggers, it will be your fault."

"Shut the fuck up! You should just fucking smile and blow me! 'Cause I deserve it."

"I need medication? I need someone who fucking treats me like a man, like a human being. With kindness, who understands what gratitude is because I fucking bend over backwards with my balls in a knot."

There are so many more quotes from this, like when he calls Hispanic people "wetbacks" and he calls her "cunt" over and over and over again. So, let's see here, he's hit gays, Jews, women, blacks, and Hispanics. All that's left are Asians and Muslims.

And with that, most of what little support for him vanished. But there are still some idiots out there who continue to defend the man. Again, they say "he was just drunk, he didn't mean it." Again, these people are idiots.

Whoopi Goldberg defended him, said he is none of these things. But she has terrible taste in human beings anyway, she defended Roman Polanski when he raped a thirteen year old girl too.

And Jodie Foster defended him, and that one just broke my heart. I was a huge fan of Jodie Foster. She still put Mel Gibson in a movie called "The Beaver" about a mentally ill man who speaks through a beaver puppet. Because I guess Daniel Day-Lewis was way too sane to do this one. This movie has yet to come out, and it's being billed as his big comeback. Well, when "The Beaver" does come out, I urge people not to see this thing. If you must see it, steal it, because this behavior cannot be tolerated.


Either way, this once mighty icon destroyed himself. He completely imploded, and as someone who saw the real Mel Gibson way back in 2004, when "The Passion of the Christ" came out (making Goebbels blush as he burns in Hell), I could not be happier. He's gone, he done. I don't think "The Beaver" will save him. And let's hope he never gets any beaver again, considering his obvious hatred for women along with everyone else.

Now, I just want to make it clear, I am not encouraging acts of violence, but I wouldn't mind too much if Mel Gibson had this happen to him:


  1. The one a really feel for in all this is Jodi Foster, because I do think "The Beaver" sounds like a neat idea in concept and it seems like Foster's been pouring her heart into the project. Too bad about her star being a raging psychopath.

  2. That picture and description just seems more like Jodie's taking the piss out of Mel than actually helping him out. Because there is no way that "The Beaver" is supposed to be a serious drama.