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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Transformers Hall of Fame 2011

Okay, so remember last year's Transformers Hall of Fame ballot? We narrowly got Dinobot in there over Soundwave (thank god we accomplished that one). Well, it's happening again.

This year's candidates are:

Grimlock The one to beat. Besides, even if he loses, we all know he'll get an automatic induction next year just like Soundwave did.

Shockwave If I were to vote G1, this guy would seriously tempt me. He kicked Megatron's ass in the comics, and was a far better and more intimidating character. But, he loses points because he was such a retarded wanker in the cartoon series.

Jazz I'm sorry, but who the fuck cares about Jazz?

Erector And this is why the democratic process doesn't work. Erector was never in a comic book, or a cartoon. When these nominees come up, Hasbro polls the various fan websites and forums for a list of nominees. And this year, a bunch of trolls, idiots, and retards got a penis joke in. This is not hyperbole, this is what actually happened. And sadly, he has a real shot of winning this thing.

Which brings us to my vote, and the only correct vote.

Waspinator I love Waspy, you love Waspy. And "Beast Wars" is better than G1 in every conceivable way. I'm voting for Waspy. And I would love it if every year we could vote a new BW character into the Hall of Fame. Next year, I hope we get BW Megatron onto the ballot.

Do the right thing, vote for Waspinator. And remember, a vote for G1 is a vote for Michael Bay. A vote for "Beast Wars" is a vote for quality over substance-less name recognition. A vote for G1 is a vote for... four more years of George W. Bush!

Vote! And vote correctly! A vote for G1 is a vote for Sarah Palin!


  1. Erector, huh? Are Transfans officially the most immature fanbase of all time?

  2. Greg, what do you say we get an all-Beast Wars ballot for next year?