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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shout at SHOUT for "Gargoyles!"

EDIT: Okay, everyone, you can stop now. Shout told us to knock it off. They say they're not pursuing it "at this time." But, you know what, they got flooded with e-mails. We've gotten their attention. So, that means that they might take a look at the property.

By now you've probably seen my post about SHOUT! FACTORY. SHOUT! is a company that pretty much markets DVD's of cartoons and other geek properties to adult fans who grew up with those properties. They've done this for lots of cartoons already.

Usually, they do one giant limited edition Complete Series Set for collectable shops, or online purchasing; and release smaller, individual DVD sets to stores for the greater market. These sets are marketed towards the collectors and always involve a lot of juicy extras. Interviews, commentaries, all sorts of things.

A very, very credible source of mine heard from a source at SHOUT! that they are currently pursuing several licenses from Buena Vista's library. He immediately thought of "Gargoyles" and fired me an e-mail telling me to spread the word and I decided to get to work on spreading the word, and hopefully making a dent.

Check out their website

And write to them at:

This may be a real opportunity. But if not, well, it certainly won't hurt. So take a few minutes, write to them, and show them there is demand.


  1. We are NOT currently pursuing GARGOYLES DVD rights, regardless of any rumors you may have heard.

    Furthermore, a publicist is NOT who should be emailed for information like this. We request that Tom Chen's email address be removed from your original post immediately, as wading through the emails is preventing him from getting real work done. If you want to make it known that you want this show on DVD, I highly recommend you do so at our forum (, our info email (, Facebook or Twitter. Encouraging people to directly email a member of our staff is not only highly irresponsible, but does nothing to garner good will toward your cause. Thanks for the help.

    Brian Ward
    DVD Producer, Shout! Factory

  2. Todd "GWOtaku" DuBoisMay 24, 2011 at 4:07 PM

    Great thought here. Unfortunately, conditions seem to be less than favorable:!/BWard028/status/73160306959990785