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Monday, June 27, 2011


This post will contain spoilers for the season premiere of "Weeds" not to mention preceding seasons. Just so you all know.

It's been three years since Plan C. Nancy Botwin surrendered herself to the FBI, and falsely confessed to the murder of Pilar Zuazo to protect her middle son, Shane. Her estranged husband: drug kingpin and Tiajuana mayor, Esteban Reyes was arrested too; and Shane, Silas, and Andy escaped to Copenhagen. Or, for those of you who want a brief visual aid:

Yeah, that was quite the cliffhanger. I waited almost a year to see what happens next. I honestly wasn't sure, had trouble predicting this one. Would it pick up immediately after the previous season ended as all previous seasons did? How was Nancy going to get out of this? Would she talk her way out? Would it become a prison show? Well, all of predictions were off.

Season seven opens up three years later, as Nancy faces a parole board where she is released from Danbury Federal Prison (my grandfather did time there, twice) and sent to a halfway house in Washington Heights, smack dab in the middle of New York City. This is, of course, much to Nancy's chagrin as she was expecting witness relocation. It turns out that Nancy made a deal with the FBI and testified against her husband. Although, we soon learn that Esteban was found dead in a prison yard a week prior to Nancy's release, and that his cartel has been shut down,hence why the FBI feels she no longer needs protection.

On the other side of the pond, in Copenhagen, Shane is dumped by his much older, psycho girlfriend and marionette partner, Renata; Silas is working as a male model; Andy is a tour guide; and Doug is, well, Doug. Kudos to them, they made lives for themselves. Now let's see how these lives get torn apart.

Nancy moves into her halfway house, and gets out for two hours to conduct her first post-prison business. Calling her estranged sister, Jill, on skype, who has custody of her youngest son (by Esteban), Stevie who addresses her only as "Aunt Nancy." Jill and her husband have gotten custody after both parents were sent to prison, and are raising Stevie as their own. Literally. Nancy asks Jill not to tell anyone she's out yet, so Jill does the exact opposite and refuses to let Silas, Shane, and Andy see or talk to Stevie at all.

As the episode closes, Shane buys plane tickets to New York for himself, Doug, and Andy; Silas doesn't want to come back to New York, as he is unhappy with his mother. To put it mildly. Nancy is trying to get back into some kind of business as her former cellmate gave her directions to find a trunk full of weapons.

A very strong start for a new season and a newer status quo. It moved by very fast and was over before I knew it. It left me with a lot of questions, of course.

Esteban's death seems a little too convenient. I'm wondering if there is a twist here. I'm not expecting him to turn up alive, but I think there is more to it than we know. He was a great character and a pivotal part of the series for three seasons, and I hope his exit from the series isn't a throwaway line. Although, I am wondering what happened to Guillermo. He was arrested with them.

I can understand Jill, who always had a bad relationship with Nancy, being reluctant to allow Nancy anywhere near the kid. Nancy is a screw up, and that's an understatement. But to only show the kid a picture and refer to her as "Aunt Nancy." That's low. What's even lower is not letting the kid's brothers communicate with him either. This actually angered me. And I know this is going to be a source of conflict as the season progresses. To be honest, Stevie is probably better off without Nancy. But, this isn't the way to go about it.

So, is Nancy going to become an arms' dealer now? I doubt it, but I think she has something to trade if she wants to get back into the drug trade, which we all know she's going to. Prison may as well be crime school, so it will be interesting to see if she has gotten any better at it.

Well, I'll be tuning in next week, same pot time, same pot channel.

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