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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ugly Without & Ugly Within

I hope you're re-thinking your taste in women, kid.

I made my previous post about an hour before I heard the news. Now, I'm not usually interested in Hollywood gossip. But getting blacklisted by Steven Spielberg, well, that's interesting.

I remember when Megan Fox said she quit. I didn't believe her, but I remember. I also remember all of her fanbots chiming in to defend her and repeat the lie over and over again. Why does she have so many fanbots? Probably because they secretly hope that she will one day have sex with them, I don't know.

Megan Denise Fox's primadonna, unprofessional attitude are matters of public record. From blowing off an invitation from the King of Jordan while filming "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" in his country. This was a feast thrown in the honor of the entire cast, and she just blew it off. That's just crass. And let us not forget being the only one to turn down a guided tour of the interior of the Pyramids of Giza, a once in a lifetime experience, because it's "too boring" and then being nasty to a crew member's daughter who looked up to her and wanted to meet her. Not to mention many other examples of documented unprofessional behavior.

Of course, the final straw was when she compared director, Michael Bay, to Adolf Hitler, because he actually made her work. Not that it showed, but he made her work. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I despise Michael Bay's movies. I think he is the worst director in Hollywood. This has nothing to do with Transformers fanboyism, I remember when "The Rock" first came out, and I turned to my friends and said that movie was crap. I will call Bay many things. Untalented, a hack, a man-child. But Hitler? No. Never. And if I ever did, you'll be justified in smacking me upside the head for it.

I've always thought Megan Fox was stupid, but wow. Did she even know who her boss was? And I don't mean Michael Bay, I mean her ultimate boss. Here's a hint, Megan, he made this movie:

Megan, did you even stop to think? How well did you think that would go over.

Notice you don't see Megan Fox in much of anything anymore. "Jennifer's Body" was a flop. "Jonah Hex" was a colossal flop. That movie she did with Mickey Rourke bombed, and Rourke even said it wasn't good. Hmm, I guess she was never much of a draw. Well, obviously those don't help her career. But she was blacklisted by Steven Spielberg, no casting director in Hollywood will ever touch her now. Well, that's not entirely true, there's always Syfy.

Of course, the Megan Fox fanbots are defending her tooth and nail now, and showing their true colors in the process. Do you know what words are being used to defend her and attack Spielberg? Here's a few samples. "Jew!" "Zionist!" "Kike!" "Christ Killing Maggot!" Just to name a few, and those are the ones that make me shiver less than the others.

Yes, Hollywood is a closed-gated community and you can't piss off the wrong people. I'm sure my remarks about Michael Bay don't help me, but I am actually defending the man in this. Megan Fox made me defend Michael Bay, that's how wrong I think she is. Thankfully, at this point, I think I am free to say anything I want about Megan Fox without having to worry about being blacklisted by anybody. And I think I will include her fanbots in this.

Megan Fox is the Sarah Palin of the movie industry. These two have so much in common.

1. Their idiocy, for instance. While Palin is arguing that the world is only six thousand years old and burns books, Fox is arguing that sexual objectification is "empowering" and lying about her non-existent tête-à-tête with a lesbian hooker.

2. Both women are tolerated by the Republicans and their fanbots because of the way they look. Palin is considered a very attractive woman for a politician and Fox is considered a very attractive woman for an actor. Other than that, both are talentless and worthless in their chosen professions.

3. Both women indicate that they are quite happy being the national sex toy and embrace the type of bimbo femininity adored by regressive knuckle draggers. Both women let you know that they'll do whatever their party friends/fanbots desire.

As long as a woman is stupid, non-threatening and fills out her bra nicely (in Fox's case, thanks to Mr. Plastic Surgeon), the dregs of society are downright charmed.

But, and at this point, I may as well get this dig in. Megan Fox is not hot, never was, and only the most crass and tasteless human beings could ever find attractive. She is as ugly a person as she is a terrible person.

No one with taste will miss you, Megan Fox.


  1. Y'know, I've never understood why so many people seem to find Sarah Palin attractive. Her hairstyle is awful, the fake smile constantly plastered upon her face is sickening, and that voice...UGH. Michelle Obama is the same age and, in my opinion, FAR outstrips the Wasillan "beauty queen" in all forms of sexiness. The woman has genuine presence, which is a Helluva lot more attractive than an inability to recall basic U.S. civics facts.

    And as for Megan Fox...well, while I guess that one is a LITTLE more understandable, I've always been turned off by the sheer...artificiality of her appearance. Especially that horrible, horrible, hoooooorrible spray-on tan.

    As for the rest of the article, I find it all so self-evident that I scarcely feel the need to comment. Least we can all feel secure in the knowledge that Megan Fox shall never darken our cinema screens ever again...I just wish Sarah Palin had ANY chance of going out the same way anytime soon. XP

  2. "Palin is considered a very attractive woman for a politician"

    Being better looking than Hillary Clinton makes you attractive?

    Just out of curiosity Greg, would you consider her attractive if she wasn't such a shrill, and had the personality of someone like say Scarlett Johansson?

    For The Record I think Megan Fox is the poster child for the old saying, "beauty is skin deep". You know, the type of person who you see on first glance and think "DAMN!", but once you get beyond that and see how much of a stuck up bitch she is, you then see her and think to yourself, "Um... yeah. Back of the line."

  3. See, I don't think Megan Fox is even beautiful for a pin-up. She just looks so damn fake. I was never on the Megan Fox bandwagon, and I am not attracted to women who look fake.

    As for if I would be attracted to her if she had a better personality? Well, it's hard for me to weigh in on a hypothetical. Maybe, maybe not. But her entire fake appearance is an outward projection of her personality, the way she carries herself. She'd be an entirely different person, but I have no idea who that person would be.

    As for who I think is hot:

    Scarlett Johansson
    Monica Bellucci
    Mary-Louise Parker
    Marina Sirtis (even at 56, damn)
    Tricia Helfer
    Brigitte Bako
    Jaimie Alexander
    Christina Hendricks
    Famke Janssen
    Mira Furlan
    Kate Beckinsale
    Jennifer Connelly
    Julia Benson

    Just to name a few. Hmm, this might be the subject of a future blog entry.