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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fingers Only Meat Banquet

Season seven of "Weeds" continues to build up and get better with each episode. I said last week's was the best of the season, well, now that's this week's. With any luck this climb will continue. But I am feeling more than comfortable with this season of "Weeds."

Nancy's lawyer, played by Martin Short, flies her out to a custody hearing in California over the fate of her son, Stevie who is currently being held by Nancy's spiteful sister, Jill. Nancy asks Silas to be her character witness, as opposed to Shane, who declares himself a better liar than Silas. It's funny because it's true.

Well, things do not go as planned once they arrive in California only to discover that Jill's lawyer postponed the hearing for two months. Nancy reacts to this spectacularly as she tries to storm Jill's gated house. She doesn't succeed, but in the process we learn that Jill's husband is only still with her over their daughters. Well, we kind of knew that for a while, and while he helps her a little, that help will only go so far.

Silas does end up talking to the judge and is actually quite honest, while at the same time he sticks up for her. And this is where the show, for the first time in ages, tries to make us once again sympathize with Nancy. Time will tell if they succeed, and while I have never stopped loving the character, even I will admit that she has been largely unsympathetic for over three seasons now.

The final moment of the episode is when Nancy and Silas take a drive, looking for someone to help them out, since their weed supply from Afghanistan was, ahem, cut off in the previous episode. Who should they track down but Heylia James, who emerges from her house carrying a rifle and she says only two words. "Hell" and "no." I will admit, I clapped.

The return of Heylia is quite welcome. We haven't seen her since the third season, and if there is anyone who won't take Nancy's crap, and cannot be manipulated by her, it's Heylia. Nancy has always had her entire family wrapped around her finger. Even Silas, who is still mad at her for lying to him all his life still does what she asks. When Nancy was involved with the Mexican Mafia, she had all of them wrapped around her finger as well, except for Pilar Zuazo... who was very clearly the villain. But she had Esteban wrapped around her finger, she had Cesar and Ignacio wrapped around her finger. At various points, she had Guillermo wrapped around her finger... not to the extent she had the others, but through the fourth season, she did. Not Heylia. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Andy's subplot with the poly-amorous couple concludes. I understand his decision, even if I largely don't agree with it. We'll see where he goes from here. Meanwhile, Doug has found money missing from the company, and his friend tells him to ignore it and takes him out for handjobs. Well, I don't think it's a stretch to say his friend is a white collar crook. Of course, so is Doug.

Great episode.

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