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Monday, July 4, 2011

From Trauma Cometh Something.

Oh, Nancy. How I have missed you.

The second episode of the seventh season is even more packed than the first. A lot happens, and we really get a feel for Nancy's new status quo. I'm enjoying it so far.

The halfway house is proving to be more fun than I anticipated. The counselor, Ed, being a former criminal himself didn't surprise me. But it certainly adds a new layer to him. I am rather amused by how he seems to be so serious and so fun when it comes to his job simultaneously. Her roommate, Luce, is, well let's face it, we've seen Luce in every woman's prison movie ever made. But she and Nancy might have an interesting dynamic, we'll see how that goes.

Last week, I suspected that this season we would see the Russian Mafia, and while we still have yet to, the fact that Nancy's former prison cellmate, Zoya, wanted Nancy to sell the weapons in that trunk to some Russian mobster, I think, proves me right. The Russian mob is big in Manhattan, and it makes sense. We've seen the Mexican mafia, Armenian cartels, and black gangsters. And as much as I enjoy the classic Sicilian mobsters, they've been done to death.

Nancy also seems to have made a new friend in the form of Zoya's brother. Those weapons were his, and Zoya stole them. Nancy offers to trade them back for fifty pounds of marijuana, because she wants to get back into the game. He, of course, bullies her down to one pound. No one ever said Nancy was a good negotiator. And then, he gets her stoned. Nancy wouldn't be Nancy if she didn't do something colossally stupid, and when she arrives back at the halfway house, she is pulled into Ed's office for a drug test. That was our cliffhanger.

But let's see how the rest of the Botwins are doing. Shane and Andy are both eager to see Nancy, and finally do at the very end of the episode, after getting acquainted with her halfway house. Silas is trying to continue his modeling career in Manhattan. Will he have success? Who knows? And Doug Wilson, well, looks like he's going to get back into sleazy white collar crime.

I think it's safe to say Nancy is going to pass her drug test, or else she'd be sent straight back to prison, and we're not going to see "women's O.Z." on this show. So, the question is how, and when will her family get back in on her operation?

Nancy Botwin, proving you can both be very smart and very dumb at the same time. I mean, seriously, I think all of those grenades and weapons are worth much more than a single pound of marijuana. Someone out there will buy them.

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