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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Season seven of "Weeds" marches on, and while a few of my predictions have come true, I am still not sure of the overall direction this season is heading. This is not a criticism, just that I'm not yet grasping Jenji Kohan's game plan.

After failing her drug test in the previous episode, rather than being sent back to prison, Nancy is enrolled in a drug class. However, instead of learning anything positive, she learns about New York's drug trade, and how there is supposedly a hole in the weed market. Sadly, this is one of the few times in the show's run where I have to call bullcrap. Ever been to Manhattan? There's a weed dealer every three blocks.

It's nice to see Nancy interacting with her family again. She does one positive thing in this episode and insists that Shane go to college. Andy still longs for her, while at the same time passively condemning her getting back into criminality so soon out of the joint. And her first talk with Silas was something we've been waiting for since the penultimate episode of season six. Silas has every right in the world to be angry at her. She lied to him all of his life about who his father actually was.

And then there is Jill, who is filing for custody of Stevie. Stevie already thinks Jill is his mother, and Nancy his aunt. This makes a pretty good parallel to what happened with Nancy and Silas as well. On the one hand, we agree with Silas that Nancy shouldn't have kept this from him. On the other hand, we think that maybe Stevie is better off without Nancy in his life? But is lying to Silas bad, and lying to Stevie good? It's these kind of questions and discussions that make this series a terrific show to discuss.

I'm still not sure what the point of Silas' near death experience with his first modeling gig was. I understand it was to hook Andy up with the producer of it, but why was the producer doing this in the first place?

Shane gets into college just so they can fill out an international quota. Had he used his American ID, they wouldn't have accepted him. This is funny because I remember a discussion with a college recruiter that went like this. It's a nice commentary about how non-Americans are given priority at our own institutions.

Doug has gotten himself a new job, and is re-entering the world of white collar crime. I am willing to bet good money that Nancy ends up finding employment in his office next week. She needs a job to get out of the halfway house, Doug likes her drugs, it's perfect.

I'm still unsure of Nancy's new relationship with the Russian. Still waiting to see where this goes, but I am expecting the Russian Mafia any minute now.

As for Nancy herself, she has really turned into a despicable person. If anything, prison seems to have made her worse. But, as I have often said, if I wanted a TV show about someone moral and wholesome, I'll go back to network. For now, I am enjoying Showtime and their pot dealing mom, heroic serial killer, and most evil pope in history.

"Try again, fail harder." Words of wisdom.

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