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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Stupidest Thing In the World

Words fail me.

They gave him the power to hurt Captain Planet with the sheer force of his hatred. Were these people TRYING to make Hitler look cool?


  1. No one can look cool with a handlebar moustache.

    Well, only Captain Planet Season One has been released on DVD. Much to your chagrin, I'm sure, Amazon recommends Gargoyles to Captain Planet fans.

  2. Honestly, I'm not bothered if Amazon recommends the "Gargoyles" DVDs to purchasers of gay Scandinavian porn; a drop in the bucket is a drop in the bucket, in my opinion. ;D

    But seriously, the shows WOULD fall under the same general sales categories (i.e. animated, kids, family, action/adventure, etc.) and share several notable voice actors (Kath Soucie, Ed Asner, Tim Curry, and David Warner all come immediately to mind), so that's not that surprising.

    But then, "Youngblood" and "The Sandman" would end up falling into the same sales categories as well. All genres have their highs and their lows...and three guesses as to what the above clip falls into. XD

    [For the record, though, I tend to find the stupidity of "Captain Planet" to be far more amusing than annoying. And Adolf-Manchu here is no exception, LOL.]

  3. Or just going for their own drama.

    Anyway, you like to poke fun at the show on your blog or forum posts, and you've enjoyed many reviews from TGWTGs, so I have to ask.

    You ever see the Nostalgia Critic's Captain Planet review and TGWTGs usage of "Ma-Ti"?

  4. Antiyonder? What do you think? ;)

  5. Oh, and one other [3:17], Adolf-Manchu gets knocked to the ground by MA-TI. So, if nothing else, I'm pretty sure the episode doesn't succeed at making Hitler look "cool." XD

    Rest thy soul, you South American thy soul...

  6. I don't understand why they changed his mustache...

  7. Would anybody flame me if I said that I found this unintentionally funny?