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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tommy Wiseau Hates Women


Read this review now, before has it pulled off the internet to protect Tommy Wisseau's "good name."

Everyone has reviewed this thing already, but I had to see it for myself. I could comment on the terrible direction, horrid acting, and... you see? It's all been said. So, instead, I am going to talk about how this is the most misogynistic movie I have ever watched, and how if movie's like this are "personal" reflections of their auteur, Tommy Wiseau has serious issues.

In the character of Lisa, Tommy Wiseau has created the most one dimensional straw man of a shrew I have ever seen. She is the most spoiled, ungrateful, worthless character there is. A complete straw man of the "bitchy ex-girlfriend" that drunken assholes talk about in bars. Now, I am completely aware of the fact that women like this can and do exist, but it reflects badly when you take into account just how perfect a man the main character is.

Johnny, as played by Tommy Wiseau himself, is set up as this perfect, loving, almost angelic man from the Heavens. He spoils Lisa rotten, and treats her like a princess, and this comes off as completely condescending and I know that was not intentional on Wiseau's part. He is a loving friend to everyone around him. He even pays for this kid named Danny's rent, and for his college tuition. Wiseau does everything in the world to set up Johnny (pretty much himself) as the greatest human being on Earth.

Of course, everyone takes advantage of Jesus, I mean Johnny. His best friend, Mark, has an affair with Lisa; the bank he works at makes a profit off of his ideas without giving him the promotion he was promised; Wiseau sets himself up as Jesus and everyone else in the world is Judas.

The affair between Lisa and Mark. Mark betrays Johnny just as much as Lisa does, and he is no where near as vilified as Lisa is. I guess because people with penises are allowed to be promiscuous, it is just understood. But people with vaginas are just expected to nest down like good, loyal nuns married to their god. Mark does some terrible things in the movie, but it is all forgiven because Lisa is the Spawn of Cthulhu.

In fact, Johnny and Mark's mutual friend, Peter the psychiatrist calls Mark out as having an affair with Lisa, and Mark nearly throws him off the roof of the apartment building and is immediately forgiven for it. In fact, Peter blames Mark's near attempted murder of him on Lisa "the sociopath, who cannot love anybody but herself."

And, as we all know, the movie ends when Johnny puts a gun into his own mouth and dies for our sins. Because Evil Lisa pushed him to it, and Mark sees Lisa for the Whore of Babylon she is. Not to mention how the world itself conspired against poor Jesus. Johnny was truly too good for this world.

Honestly, the terrible acting, dialogue, and direction are the least of this movie's problems. "The Room" is an interesting look into the psychosis of a human being that has terrible issues with women. I suggest that Tommy Wiseau seek professional help, because this is not helpful catharsis.

Aw well, this is the reason you all came, so I will give it to you.


  1. I never liked The Room. Saw it on a livestream chat, I hated it and still do. Not to mention even before seeing it and just by looking at the Nostalgia Critic's review, it just seemed like a bitter take that to an ex-girlfriend of Wisseau's.

    It's kind of hate, actually very hateful now that I think about it.

  2. Actually, the reason I came is because of the fact that you nailed it. The rampant misogyny is obvious to anyone who has ever seen The Room, but the reviewers are all so charmed by the So-Bad-It's-Good-ness of this movie that they seem to give it a pass. Wiseau's bitterness speaks through every female character, not just Lisa (Lisa's mother: "All men are assholes....Men and women take advantage of each other all the time. There's nothing wrong with it." Even Lisa's friend Michelle giggles when she's chiding Lisa about her infidelity.). Mark is utterly blameless for Johnny's suicide; it's Lisa who killed him. After all, men are just pawns in the destructive hands of women everywhere. I may be one of the few who does not find this movie charming because the blatant misogyny is just too much to overlook.

    I didn't come to this blog to see clips of bad acting. I can watch TW ham it up all over YouTube. This is the review of The Room Ive been expecting to read, and have been disappointed not to see until now. Thanks for writing it.