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Monday, August 22, 2011

Cats! Cats! Cats!

Well, that went well. We're two thirds of the way through season seven of "Weeds", and the game has changed for Nancy Botwin and her family of wacky criminals. What happened? A lot.

Nancy is free of the halfway house, and now free of the SEC. The latter thanks to Doug Wilson, who discovered that Vehement handles the pension plans of the SEC. If Vehement goes down, their pension plans go down with them. So Doug was able to get the case dropped, and Nancy blackmailed the wire tape back from them and they both walked free. I thought it was rather contrived, but this show is a comedy and not a drama. Not to mention the scene was so well done, I'm forgiving a little contrivance.

I thought the CEO of Vehement falling for Nancy fast enough after sleeping with her once to invite her to run away with him was a tad weird. Nancy must really be terrific in the sack. I mean, don't get me wrong, Mary Louise Parker is hot. But I didn't buy it. But when he leaves and hands Nancy the keys to his townhouse, it was a great way to finally get rid of Zoya...

... and good riddance. I don't know how many more episodes of her I was going to be able to take. Don't get me wrong, she was well written and acted. But they did too good a job there. I felt Andy's annoyance with her and was glad to see her go.

Shane landed himself in trouble by stealing documents from the police department. The episode ends with him in handcuffs. Guess he is not such a great criminal mastermind after all.

And now, the real meat of the episode. Silas and Emma, played by Michele Tractenberg. Silas decides that he's hot for her, and wants to hire her away from the competition, Pouncy House. So he buys her lunch, they talk, she expresses frustration with her boss, and agrees to switch teams. He gives her the grand tour and tells her about the entire operation. They have sex, and he wakes up to discover that she is the leader of Pouncy House and their stash and plans have all been stolen. Silas is smart in a lot of ways, but really dumb in others. As idiotic as Nancy is, she wouldn't expose this much information to an outsider.

So, no matter what the Botwins do to one another, I suspect they are going to band together around Nancy, who will get Shane out of jail and take care of the mess Silas made. Like the Bundys before them, don't mess with them.

This episode was packed. So much happened, it felt like three episodes. Four more episodes, lets see what happens. I also suspect, at this point, it is safe to assume "Weeds" will receive an eighth season.

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