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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Lifetime Truly is a Blink of An Eye

No, that wasn't in this episode. But the moment I saw the Petlars, I couldn't help but wonder if Mumm-Ra was going to disguise himself as a flower and turn Tygra into a junkie.

The two-part pilot was a cornucopia of cliches. I really hated the pilot. The third episode, while fun was just "Moby Dick" being retold. I liked the third episode, but it was spectacularly stupid. Before this episode I aired, I said that this show had two more chances to impress me. Did it?

In this episode the lizards entrap the the ThunderCats in a forest of thorns. While inside the forest, the cats meet and befriend a species of anthropomorphic plants called Petlars. Specifically, Lion-O befriended a newborn Petlar named Emerich. As the episode progesses, we learn the Petlars have a lifespan that lasts one day, and before Lion-O's eyes, Emerich matures into a teenager, a man, an old man, and then passes away.

Finally, the Petlars are led out of the forest and return home. Lion-O finally makes the decision to face the lizards head on, and they meet Jet Black, er, I mean Panthro, who isn't dead and has a tank that I doubt is called the Bebop.

Now, I am going to shock all of you. I liked this one. Not in the same sort of amusement with last week's. I actually liked this one. This was good. It wasn't great, but it was good. There were some moments that were almost stunning in this, even a few that were... dare I say it, moving. And I went into this episode with a terrible attitude, trust me.

I feel I should also point out that this episode was where the show finally felt like it was doing it's own thing. Not following a very obvious Joseph Campbell outlined with wacky pacing issues, or cutting and pasting a famous novel and changing a few names. This episode did it's own thing, and it was better for it. Keep it up.

While I'm still not impressed, if the next episode is at least as good as this one, I will probably be more patient with the show.

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