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Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Patience Is Wearing Thin

So, in the pilot for "ThunderCats," Clancy Brown's character, Grune, betrayed the ThunderCats to Mumm-Ra because "serving Clawdus got him nothing." We needed an explanation, we needed to see growth and character development, and what did we get? Something George Lucas could have written.

So we find out that Panthro and Grune are old friends who served in the military together. They rose in the ranks and became generals, but Grune got pissed because he was passed over to become general of the entire military, instead he and Panthro were trusted with a sacred mission to find the Book of Omens and bring it back. Oh, and there was something about how Grune wanted to be king despite not having any claim to the throne, and no daughters to marry.

So, while they're on their mission, Grune is summoned to Mumm-Ra's pyramid and frees Mumm-Ra from his sarcophagus. Mumm-Ra talks about rewarding him, explains to both cats that the jewel in the Sword of Omens was once his, he wants it back. Panthro and Grune start fighting, and Grune has been behaving for the whole time like some mind controlled psychopath, all while copyright safe rip-off "Duel of the Fates" soundtrack is playing. Grune knocks Panthro into a pit, and Pantho is seemingly killed.

Cut to the present, Panthro has his cool tank, and correctly won't take orders from Lion-O. They go to this mine that Grune and some lizards are mining crystals from to power up the tank. Grune is not a drooling rabid beast like he was in the previous flashback, they throw insults at each other, nothing happens, Lion-O proves himself hallowly to Panthro and Panthro agrees to follow Lion-O's orders.

What a crock of shit. I'll start with a smaller complaint before I get to the big one. Lion-O is the king of NOTHING! The first thing they should have done, if they had any brains, would be to put Panthro in charge. There is no more kingdom. All of them are younger and far less experienced. Panthro was a military general, Lion-O is a teenage pampered prince.

If they are that obsessive about tradition, then have Lion-O formally appoint Panthro to be their regent, which was often done when monarchs died too soon for the heirs to take power. Lion-O is not qualified for this.

Again, will someone please tell me why Mumm-Ra is supposed to be evil? Again, what has he done that is wrong. He wants his property back, and he struck down an evil king of an imperialistic nation. And during the flashback, nothing happened in his pyramid until Panthro got verbally hostile.

And that was it? That was what Grune was pissed off about? That he was passed over just once? Really? Really?! That was so abrupt. This should have been a two-parter, this is a story that should have developed more. He goes batshit crazy after being mildly annoyed by the king just once? And what did Mumm-Ra promise him? To be king of the ThunderCats? So, to accomplish his goal of being king, he is going to kill everyone who would be one of his subjects and be king of a desolate wasteland? Really? Well, it is indeed as well thought out as Anakin Skywalker's character arc in "Revenge of the Sith."

Maybe, just maybe, it would have been better if Grune actually sympathized with the bigotry the lizards were facing. That would have been interesting. However, NOTHING will be done with the idea that the cats were racist bastards and the lizards had a reason to attack the kingdom. And you know, by this point they're probably never even going to have the lizards discover Grune was using them. It will be about how Mumm-Ra was using them.

One more episode, "ThunderCats." You get one more episode. And I am rooting for Mumm-Ra. I hate these cats.

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  1. I don't hate the cats. I like Tyrga. So much potential. And so far has been wasted because of stupid Lion-O being shoved in our faces. Wasn't Tyrga the superior brother? The writing for him has been awful since the premier. Cheetara had promise until she started liking Lion-O. Now she is nothing. The kittens are actually interesting. And yes, their cuteness won me over. Panthro was fine until he accepted Lion-O as king, even though he proved nothing. The sword is great. Lion-O sucks.

    The one I HATE is Lion-O. Worst character in any CN series in the past ten years, Can you think of a more unlikeable character? He is so badly oot of his league as king, yet insists on every character shining his boots. Every decision he has made has been wrong. Yet he wants to lead. Either Panthro or Tygra should be in charge. A series can't survive with such a bad main. The rest of the cast badly needs to be the focus.

    And yeah, none of the villains seem that evil. The writing has been horrible and all over the place.