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Monday, August 1, 2011

Object Impermanence

In this week's latest installment of the adventures of America's favorite pot dealing MILF, the better parts of her past make a return, albeit not welcoming her one bit. And, honestly, can you blame her?

As I said last week, the return of Heylia James was most welcome. She never took Nancy's crap back in the first three seasons, and she still doesn't now. As Heylia herself said, "people don't change, they just learn."

Returning with Heylia is Dean Hodes, who is living with her in exchange for offering legal advice. Lots of clients in pot land, it seems. He is still terrified of his ex-wife, Celia. But have no fear, Dean. Elizabeth Perkins left the series, and Celia with her. I have a feeling that Celia's fate will never be revealed, and that's fine by me. It's funnier if it isn't. Unless Perkins does return, let's leave Celia's fate to the imagination.

Shane has proven himself to be quite the criminal mastermind. Taking a law class just to learn how to successfully operate a front, while making sure a police detective takes an interest in him as a potential police officer, so he has an ear with the police. Shane Botwin would make a great supervillain, he's already got a body count.

Poor Andy, I've been saying that a lot, but poor Andy. Who would have thought he would be the most normal out of all of them? He just wants to run his own business, and make a legitimate living. But, by virtue of his last name, he is tied to the true family business, and Shane is taking charge. Why do I have a feeling Shane may kill again?

But the real meat of this episode has to be the long, overdue conversation between Nancy and Silas where Nancy comes clean about lying to Silas all his life, and even lying to Judah throughout their entire marriage. And yes, she deserved to be told off like that. And yet, despite having every reason in the world, Silas doesn't walk away. Hell, he's staying on Heylia's farm to harvest the crop of hemp and then bring it back to NYC for Nancy to sell. It's become an interstate operation now.

The end of the episode was very touching, where Nancy got to hug her youngest son, Stevie, for the first time since leaving prison. We'll see how this custody battle with Jill goes.

Overall, Nancy's arc this season seems to be about getting her life together. I don't know if it's a redemption arc, or becoming a better criminal. Maybe it's both, I don't know. But her past slapped her in the face during this episode, and I do not think it's finished yet. There must be some loose ends from her time with Reyes Cartel.

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