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Friday, August 19, 2011


While being in situations over her head are hardly anything new for Nancy Botwin, I think having a cold blade rubbed up against her nipples by a psychopathic lesbian is definitely a new one.

Zoya is out of prison and, as predicted, making things awkward at best, and chaotic at worst. I don't know what was worse; how psychotic Zoya was behaving during her version of foreplay with Nancy, or that Dimitri (Zoya's brother!) seemed to be getting off while watching it. This is way outside my kink zone.

Picking up from last week, Nancy asks her boss, Foster, the CEO of Vehement out on a date while wearing a wire in a deal with the SEC to get her out of the halfway house. Naturally, acting against her best interests, Nancy tries to sabotage the mic, because she obviously likes this guy. Well, is a white collar criminal really that much better than a Mexican drug kingpin? Or a dirty DEA agent? At this point, I am convinced her first husband, Judah, was a criminal of some kind. She doesn't fall for anyone that isn't a crook.

Shane's apprentice hood with this detective continues, and we're learning more and more about him as the episodes continue. This is only his third. However, it also serves to highlight how little we know about Dimitri. He's been in the show all season, and we haven't seen anything beyond Nancy trading him back his grenades for some weed, and stopping buy for booty calls. In fact, why is he even involved with Nancy and Silas' drug business? Heylia seems to be the supplier, and Silas is going back and forth, how does Dimitri fit in? It feels a little contrived.

I do give the episode credit for the single most awkward moment I have seen in television in a long time. Nancy brings Foster home, he's drunk and clearly thinks he's getting laid. Dimitri is there with her family to talk about the drug business, and then Zoya shows up, kisses everyone and embraces Nancy as her lover. All while the SEC is listening in their van outside.

Also, this episode introduces Michelle Trachtenberg as a rival drug dealer who looks like she's going to be a love interest for Silas. I'm getting flashbacks to Mary-Kate Olsen in season three. We'll see how this goes.

What I liked most about the episode was the moment in the first act when the woman who ran the halfway house sat Nancy down to tell her the honest truth, that Nancy was a lifer, one who would always be working an angle. Nancy, as one would expect, knows what she is and brushes off the judgement.

Fun episode. But I want to know more about these Russian siblings.

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