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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vehement v. Vigorous

Pardon my tardiness on this review, but here I am with the latest episode of "Weeds." And now we're about halfway through what may or may not be the final season. Although, at this point, I don't think Showtime is going to part ways with their highest rated comedy, so until I hear otherwise, I shall stop referring to this season as the potential finale. So, what happened in this episode?

Counselor Ed is in deep trouble. He's been given two weeks notice before his time at the halfway house comes to an end, and he blames Nancy. Determined to catch Nancy in the act of criminality so he can keep his job, the episode does not end as well for him as it does for Nancy.

I did enjoy the circular nature of Nancy's journey, and even Andy pointed this out. In the pilot episode of "Weeds," Nancy is selling pot at a local sporting event, Shane's soccer game. Now, she is selling pot at a local sporting event, her company softball game. How far the boomerang has come. While there, she flirts with the CEO of Vehement some, and after he admits to some illegal white collar crime he plans to commit, she admits to being a pot dealer. This only serves to turn him on.

Shane is progressing into his corruption more and more as he takes on an apprenticeship with that police detective. Time will tell where this goes, but Shane is still developing into quite the criminal mastermind. I have a feeling that should he kill again, it won't be self defense of any kind.

And, on a personal note, I really, really appreciate Shane's student loan scheme. Being deep in debt to student loans myself, I love seeing these companies and banks get taken advantage of for a change.

Silas' loathing of Nancy is really brought out when, while in a boxing ring, his opponent uses the words "Momma's boy." He is perfectly willing to work with Nancy, if not for her, but their relationship is in tatters. Will he ever be free of her? Not likely, as he continues in his illegal activities.

And who would have ever thought that Andy would be the sane Botwin? Not I. The poor guy wants his business to be just that. A legit business. Not a front. Although, to be fair, I highly doubt his product has any marketability or chance of success. But how far he has come. When we first met him, Andy was the biggest delinquent out of all of them.

As the episode ends, Nancy makes a deal with the SEC to help expose illegal activity at Vehement in exchange for a ticket out of the halfway house. And now, we can see the direction the season is heading in. Things are looking up for Nancy. However, I expect her to fall farther than she ever has before. What could be lower than prison? Well, I'm sure the returned Zoya has a few ideas.

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