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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Weiner Nation

Hee, hee... I'm stealing Wing Nut Daily's bandwith

Allow me a moment to talk about this guy. Before there was Glenn Beck, there was Michael Savage. He is to the right of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Attila the Hun. He is as right as they come. He hosts a radio show called "The Savage Nation" which should really be called "The Weiner Nation." Why? Because his real name is Michael Weiner.

I first encountered this guy back when I worked at Barnes & Noble, found his book on a bench and read the first chapter. It was all about how as a kid, he would go on Christmas vacation to the hamptons on a train pulled by an engine burning tons and tons of coal. And how all that black smoke meant freedom to him and how the gays, single moms, abortionists, elites, Hollywood, and Mexicans took the Freedom Smoke© away from him.

What kind of self loathing does it take to change your last name? Well, I won't lie, there are plenty of good reasons to. And, I will admit that 'Weiner' is probably a hard one to grow up with. But this guy did it for one reason and one reason only, to hide the fact that he is Jewish. I guarantee you most of his white trash teabagging listeners do not know he's Jewish.

I've listened to his show and he is one of those Jews that is so full of self loathing. He desperately wants to be a WASP. A right-wing WASP. I have seen this quite a lot, especially in Westchester and Long Island. And not just among some Jews, but some Italians. And it makes me sick. I don't know who Weiner here is trying to make friends with, but they still won't let you into their country club. You know this, right? Well, probably not since he continues to hide it.

What also amuses me about these people who change their last names is that you can tell a lot about their own insecurities by what they change their name to. With a chosen name like Savage, I guess he sees himself like this:

But, before ever seeing a picture of him, when I listened to him on the radio, and just heard his voice, and heard him talk, I pictured him more like this.

In other words, Michael Weiner is like that nerdy, 95 lb asthmatic weakling who goes on the internet and calls himself "BadAssMofoWithABigCock69." We've all met this guy on the internet. But really, he is obviously a self loathing Jew who likes to teabag himself, while fantasizing about being something else. That's the most bold name, to be a savage. He wants to be a caveman.

I occasionally try to call into his show, but I can never get through. I would love to one day talk to him about all this. I would address him politely as "Mr. Weiner" and I would ask him why he hates himself so much. Why he feels the need to hide his heritage. As a Jew myself, I am quite curious.

He's got so much self loathing he wants to be a savage and not a weiner. Embrace your name, don't be embarrassed. So your name is synonymous with 'cock.' Michael, you're a yid. And all those people you're pretending to be, they won't let you into their country club. And there is not a person I've ever met who can't kick your ass.

Hell, if I met this cock, I bet I could get him to suck my cock inside of ten minutes, and I am most definitely NOT a badass in person. Which says a lot about how lowly and pathetic this guy is.


  1. Okay, maybe it's just because I'm a left-wing America-hating terrorist-loving surrender-happy elitist commie pinko and proud of it, but this was probably one of the funniest things I've read all day.

    Kudos, sir, kudos. XD

  2. you always make blog insulting other people...why do you hate this man in congress who showed his penis on the computer?

  3. Anon: That's ANTHONY Weiner, idiot. No relation. Pick up a newspaper sometime, will ya?

  4. Greg, I would rip your cock off and shove it down your throat. Your not man enough to carry Dr. Savage's jock strap.It's his business what he he calls himself. He takes calls all the time from Jews who speak with him as a fellow Jew. So that's what you know....asshole! Go back to licking Obama's ass that's what suits you best.