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Monday, September 12, 2011

System Overhead

I know this review is very late, but I have been a bit busy and I haven't had the chance to re-watch the episode. So I apologize for how brief this is. And how lazy it is.

This is the first time all season that Nancy seems to be on top of things. Shane messed up and got arrested, and Silas is an idiot who lets his dick do all of his thinking for him. Nancy not only got Shane out of trouble by concocting a clever lie that was clever and believable, she was going to take her competition out with help from the police.

Then Silas went and made a deal with the competition, and I am sure hilarity will ensue. Actually, all that aside there is a good question as to who made the better deal. Silas' deal makes good business sense, while Nancy's deal takes out a competitor entirely. But, considering what Emma pulled in recent episodes, I'm inclined to agree with Nancy... and Andy's nail gun.

I liked the episode a lot, and it left me eager to see the episode that will air exactly 95 minutes from now. And I promise that next review will be much better thought out and less lazy than this one.

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