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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Une Mére Que J’aimerais Baiser

If you know what the title means, good for you! Things seem to really be coming to a head as we approach the end of the season, and possibly the end of the series. The central, emotional conflict of the season has been between Nancy and Silas, and with this episode, there is a big split.

Silas seems to have fallen hard for Emma, a rival drug dealer who has damaged the Botwin Family's plans. But while Silas struck a business deal with Emma, Nancy manipulated the police into arresting her, and taking her down. So Emma is in jail, and Silas decides to cut ties with Nancy for doing this, never mind his mountain of other issues with her.

What do I think? While I think Silas' many gripes with Nancy are legitimate, in this case he is allowing his dick to do his thinking for him. I don't type this often, but Nancy is right. Especially since the police already had enough intel on Emma's operation that a bust was coming sooner or later anyway.

There was also a subplot with Nancy, Doug, and Andy attending a party in the Hamptons, and Nancy observing a lot of rich people drinking expensive wines for the prestige, so she gave her blend of pot a fancy French name, called it exotic, and managed to make a lot of money selling to these people. Meanwhile, Andy really gets into his act, and gets drunk in the process, making an ass of himself.

It was a very entertaining episode. But we're nearing the end, and judging from history, "Weeds" will climax spectacularly.

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