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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


And now, until season eight is announced, "Weeds" is over. Not that my reviews got any comments anyway. These days, it seems I need to say something nasty about the new "ThunderCats" cartoon to get any comments. So, on that note... ThunderCats is a big pile of shark jizz blasted into Osama bin Laden's rotting, fish bait corpse. ;)

"Young Justice" reviews will continue, I'm having fun with those. I am also going to review season six of "Dexter." Expect a post about how I feel about the first five seasons any day now.

I've been re-reading the Clone Saga, that infamous era of the Spider-Man comics. I have the first two graphic novels, and I am considering reviewing those also. I haven't decided yet.

I have also started watching "Arrested Development" for the first time. Maybe I'll review that, maybe I won't. I have yet to decide.

In any case, I have a big mouth, I'm an opinionated bastard, and I'll always have something to say.


  1. You should check out Person of Interest on CBS.

    It's a Abrams and Nolan collaboration starring Jim Cavaziel and Emmy Winner Michael Emerson.

    It's a great show.

  2. "Arrested Development" has been picked up for a fourth season and a movie.

    Wow, talk about timing.

  3. I know, I heard. Let's hope it maintains the magic.