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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Angel of Death

I love Debra Morgan, only she would move into a house where there was recently a murder/suicide. I've really been enjoying her character arc this season, and while she is still going through an adjustment period, I think she's performing her new duties rather admirably.

I have never liked Quinn. Ever. And this season is doing a good job at jusitfying that dislike. Yeah, I feel for the guy. Being rejected sucks, I can only imagine how painful a rejected marriage proposal is. But to sleep with a potential witness? How could he be so stupid to do that? More importantly, how could Batista not drag him out of that bar? Yeah, I know that led them to Gellar's old journal in her apartment. But Quinn has been drinking the idiot juice.

At this point in the season, the big twist won't be "Professor Gellar is a figment of Travis' imagination," it would be "wow, Professor Gellar is actually real." Which is why I am not taking a stance on this either way. I think the writer's are too clever to use such an obvious trick, or maybe they want us to think that while they pull something else out of the deck.

I did enjoy seeing Dexter catch up to Travis, as well as that entire confrontation. Even though he released Travis in the hopes of being led to Gellar. Yeah, Dexter is convinced there are two killers, but I'm still not. Actually, considering how incompetent Travis was when he tried to kidnap that girl, I wonder just how many people he does have in his head.

Looking forward to next week.

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