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Sunday, October 2, 2011


On this week's installment of "Young Justice," Robin and Artemis return after an extended absence. And it is a welcome return. At first glance, the plot of this episode seems like your standard "powerless heroes triumph over the odds story, but we get a lot more than that.

This episode excelled at two things: character moments and suspense.

For the first time since she appeared, we really got to know who Artemis is. We got to see passed her cocky attitude and saw some very reasonable and very human fears. Without backup, and when things got too hot for a normal human being to handle, she fell apart. I've seen the character getting some grief for this online, but be honest, I think in the face of such things, most of us would crack at least a little. And as the end shows, courage isn't a lack of fear; courage is doing what you have to do despite that fear. And act, she does.

We also saw more of her background and received confirmation that Cheshire is, indeed, Artemis' sister. I've suspected as much since "Infiltrator." And, not that I thought for one second she was, but there is no way at this point that Artemis is the traitor.

Now, not being a DC reader, all I know about Red Tornado is that he exists and he is a robot. I have never heard of these other two robots, but as has happened in previous episodes, we have seen another Xanatos Gambit take place. Red Tornado was obviously the true target, as The Light tried to reprogram him through Mr. Twister way back in "Welcome to Happy Harbor."

The action sequences were intense, and I loved the use of flames and water as effective weapons. Especially the flame thrower. While I did not care for the robots as villains much, their powers were effective and intimidating.

I also enjoyed that, despite being held captive, Kid Flash and Superboy were far from helpless, and participated in the victory. Too often in plots like this, the powerless heroes would do all the work and single-handedly save the day. As such, this was a nice change of pace.

And really cool to see a cameo by Barbara Gordon. I wonder if she's already Batgirl. Hopefully time will tell.


  1. Beased on the fact that Barbara is so seemingly friendly with Dick im going to assume that she is Batgirl already.

    From what i know of the comics she met Batman and Robin AS Batgirl before they ever knew each other personally.

  2. I'm thinkin @ this point Green Arrow introduced Artemis as "her niece", because telling them all that her father is a villain probably wouldn't go over well.
    I haven't read the YJ comic (though I want to) but apparently Batman and GA approached her about joining the team.

    I agree that she's most likely not the traitor, if she was keeping up a facade then there was no reason to continue it once she was alone and all the cameras went out. I also don't get why she was criticized for her fear either.

    Nice to see Wally's mind for science coming into play again after Denial. Greg Weisman never forgets about things like that.

    Apparently in the next episode Aqualad's going to be catching some heat from the rest of the team for not telling them about the mole.
    After this episode I'm even more intrigued to find out who the mole is; I think Robin, Kid Flash, & Artemis are not. But I'm thinking it could be any of the other three. I'm also thinkin Batman's line to Aqualad about being distracted back in Downtime might have some subtext relating to this behind it now.