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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Horse of a Different Color

It's been a long time since we've seen an episode where Dexter doesn't kill anyone. After the ending here, Dexter committing a murder on one of Miami's several thousand psychos would be most welcome. In any event, you know it's bad when even Dexter is repulsed by the murders rather than fascinated.

Let's talk about Deb, talking about Deb makes me happy. And, as unprofessional as it might be, I wish more high ranking police officials would refer to murderers as "fuckers" during press conferences. She's nervous, and fumbling, but I think she's doing okay so far. Would Batista do better? Probably. But I want her to prove LaGuerta wrong.

Gellar and Travis Marshall's (Greg, if you're reading, I hope you smiled at that one) reign of terror continues as their kills become even more elaborate. Travis flirts with a waitress, takes her out on a date only for Gellar to rear his ugly head. Next thing you know, the girl is bound up like an angel and a trap is laid when the cops find her, trip a wire, and she is dropped and hung like an angel, as you can see in that delightful picture at the top of this entry. I hardly ever do this, but I looked away for a moment once the trap was set. And then, to top it all off, a swarm of locusts are released.

We learn more about Professor Gellar. He runs a doomsday website, and he's been missing for years, after stealing a sword that belonged to John the Revelator. After this episode, I am more convinced than ever that Gellar is dead, and Travis sees him in his head. No one else ever reacts to him. At the restaurant, the waitress didn't even glance at him when she poured Travis more coffee. Sure he was standing over her when Travis came in to the kitchen after getting out of bed to find her bound and gagged, but she still didn't react to him, and Travis could have easily done this himself and is likely suffering from a split personality of some kind.

As for Dexter himself, is he going to embrace religion? Brother Sam is certainly trying to make that happen, and while Dexter may flirt with it, I don't see it happening. He asked God, briefly, to help Harrison pull through an operation after his appendix burst. But I doubt Dexter will do it, because if he does then one of two things will happen. Either he will stop being a killer, or he will start killing for God instead of for the Code. Brother Sam represents one side, while Gellar and Travis represent the other. Dexter will likely continue to go his own way.

On a lighter side, I enjoyed Masuka a lot in this episode. We saw just how dedicated he is to his job when he correctly fired Ryan from stealing an Ice Truck Killer memento from the evidence locker. It's little things like this that make a three dimensional character.

One more episode before I am caught up, but for now I'm going to watch something lighter. Too much darkness in one day is not good for you.

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  1. Wow; you predicted it! It was a complete surprise to me when they showed Gellar in the ice chest in the closing episodes...I thought of it as a heck of a twist. Will have to do better next time watching clues like that next season...