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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Smokey and the Bandit

No, not the Burt Reynolds movie. Although, I think Burt is certainly crazy enough to end up on Dexter's table.

I liked this episode a lot, certainly more than last week's episode. What was the basic plot? Dexter searches for his boyhood idol to kill him. A killer known only as the tooth fairy who terrorized Oregon for years and was never caught. Now, he is a seventy-two year old man, retired in Miami.

I will say that this episode paints Dexter himself in a harsher light. Harry saw what Dexter was at a young age and raised him to do good... albeit a very twisted version of good, by taking out the trash. Like a laser beam, Dexter seeks out the most evil among us and prevents them from doing more evil. But to find out that he looked up to and idolized a serial killer before he himself became a killer. It really illuminates the razor thin wire Dexter has walked since the series started.

Deb's first day as lieutenant goes about as well as one would expect. Already she seems to be a weapon being used by Mr. and Mrs. LaGuerta against each other. Angel wants Deb to succeed because every day she does, LaGuerta looks worse. And for the record, I personally do think Deb made the right decision by hiring the transfer from Chicago. Now, the next question is how soon does she sleep with him?

I said in my last review that I was confident that Professor Gellar was a real person. Well, I am now doubting this again. The one time he appears in front of the victim, we don't see a reaction of any kind. Granted the victim had other things to think about. But, I was jumping the gun by assuming the reality of Gellar.

How chilling was the last shot of the episode? It takes a lot to sicken me, but that set up of the Four Horsemen was nauseating. I'm not going to describe it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but I think this is up there with the hotel room full of blood in the first season.

Speaking of the first season, Masuka's intern is obsessed with the Ice Truck Killer case from way back in the first season. We don't know much else, but it looks like Dexter's past will be coming back to haunt him.

Great episode, especially the end where Dexter made sure that Walter Kenny died as Walter Kenny and not as the Tooth Fairy.

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  1. "Now, the next question is how soon does she sleep with him?"

    Heh, it took me until tonight's episode to start thinking that. You'd think I'd figure that out earlier by now.

    Thanks for the updates. Always nice to see what someone smarter thinks about this. The question of Geller's reality didn't occur to me until you brought it up.