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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Damn, Hammster...

A review of the Dexter episode "Nebraska" is coming as soon as I am healthy enough to write it. I've been sick all week.

In the mean time, Greg revealed/confirmed something I've been wondering about for a while now.

Out of curiosity, how old was Silver Sable in season two of "Spectacular Spider-Man." She doesn't seem older than thirty... I'm just curious, because if Hammerhead worked for her dad before he went to prison, twelve years prior was she above the age of consent when they had a relationship?

Greg responds...

I don't think so. Which is part of the reason Hammerhead (1) now has a new skull and (2) why he no longer is working for Silvermane.

Damn, Hammy is a pig. This also makes Silvermane a lot more awesome.

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