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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just Let Go

Well, this episode caught me by surprise. There were some things that I didn't see coming, even though I should have. And one thing I definitely did not see coming. If you saw the episode, you know what the latter was.

Dexter is distracted from tracking down Travis by the shooting of Brother Sam. The identity of the shooter becomes a brief "who done it" after the chief suspect is arrested before Dexter can get to him. Dexter then discovers it was Nick, who Brother Sam has been trying to help and even baptized.

When Brother Sam asked Dexter to forgive Nick, and to pass on his forgiveness before passing away in the hospital, I will admit I was wondering which way he would go. Of course, had Dexter embraced the light that Sam saw in him, we wouldn't have a show. I'll elaborate on that in a moment. But I thought the confrontation between Dexter and Nick was brilliant. It went through so many moods, and while some of us who genuinely like Dexter as a person and wish he could have a happy ending somewhat hope he will heed Sam's words, I think we were immensely satisfied when Dexter "washed" that smirk off of Nick's face. I loved that scene.

Meanwhile, Travis gets cold feet and instead of preparing "the Whore of Babylon" for their next kill, he releases her. We don't get pay off for this development this week, and I am still not at all convinced Gellar is a living person, but I look forward to seeing what happens next.

We learn more about Gellar as well, as his belongings are gone through by Miami Homicide. Turns out Gellar isn't sending us a warning about the end of the world, he's trying to cause the end of the world. Apparently these murders will unlock doomsday. Well... leave it to the mind of a psychopath. And Gellar, either alive or dead, was clearly a psychopath.

Finally, Debra needs to take away Quinn's badge. The guy is a loose cannon. He's dangerous, and he's already jeopardized the case, as well as acted beyond unprofessionally for most of the season. I understand that he is hurt, but lives are on the line and people depend on the job he does. A job he is clearly not qualified to handle. I am calling it now, Quinn is going to end up dead later this season.

Speaking of dead, after Dexter kills Nick, he is visited by the spirit of his deceased big brother, Brian aka Rudy aka the Ice Truck Killer. I nearly applauded, before the credits rolled. And next week's episode looks like it's going to be amazing.

Now, a brief tangent. I've said this before, but Dexter is not going to go the way of Brother Sam, and he's not going to embrace religion. In Brother Sam and in Travis and Gellar, we have the two extremes. If Dexter embraces God, he'll either reform like Brother Sam did, or God will become his Dark Passenger, as it has with Gellar. I am sure he will learn a lesson, but what that lesson is, I am not sure. I'm just having fun going along for the ride.

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