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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Okay, who didn't chuckle at Dexter and Brian's "American Gothic" pose?

This episode was nice. A nice throwback to previous seasons that tie us back to arguably Dexter's two best "Big Bads." His brother, Brian aka Rudy aka the Ice Truck Killer, and the Trinity Killer... although, John Lithgow does not put in an appearance.

After the death of Brother Sam, Dexter embraces his darkness which takes form as his brother, Brian. What follows is a twisted buddy comedy as they travel to Nebraska after word reaches Deb that Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer, found his family in Witness Protection and killed his daughter and wife in a manner consistent with his killings. Of course, Arthur Mitchell is dead. Dead, cut up, and thrown in the ocean. The obvious culprit is Mitchell's son, Jonah. And it's up to our intrepid murderers to find him, and put him in the ground.

Of course, it's not that simple. Jonah's sister committed suicide, and in a rage, Jonah killed his mother. His guilt weighing upon him, he tries to force Dexter to end his life. Brian, like an evil Jiminy Cricket, encourages this. But, in the end, Dexter doesn't do it. Jonah doesn't fit his code, and will have to learn to live with it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Travis leaves Gellar's services. Or so we think. Their latest intended victim tells the police she was being held by two men. But she was blindfolded and never saw anyone. We don't know how many voices she heard. I'm still not convinced Gellar exists, and if anything, I think this episode, especially the scene where Brian (actually Dexter) stabs that redneck pot dealing with a pitchfork is setting up the Gellar isn't real twist.

Overall, a great episode But there is one thing that's driving me nuts. Why did the death of Brother Sam trigger this descent into darkness for Dexter? Okay, I know why. But what bothers me is that Rita's death didn't.

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