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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An Old Joke

A junior film executive struts into his supervisor's office at a Hollywood studio. "Good news, boss!" he says. "We got the MPAA to change the rating of the movie from NC-17 to R!"

"How'd you manage that?" asks his boss.

"Well, y'know the ending, where the hero has the passionate sex scene with the love interest?" asks the younger man.

"Sure," replies the executive. "As I recall, that was the part with which they had the biggest problem."

"Yeah, which is why we re-shot it," answers his protegé. "Now, instead of making love to her, he kills her."

MPAA "logic" - Caress a breast? NC-17. Cut it off? R. In the minds of the ratings board, violence is better than sex every time.

Why do I bring this up?

Will Shame change the game for the NC-17 rating? - No, it won't.

Let's not pretend this is an MPAA problem. This is an America problem. Even on most forums, places where people often tear each other apart and make pedophile jokes are not exempt.

It's fine if I post this picture on just about any forum:

But this one would get me banned (NSFW).

Or, to put this into even further perspective, "The Human Centipede" got an R-rating. Think about that.


  1. The Human Centipede wasn't even that gory anyway.

  2. That's not the point. The point is it's still a very disturbing concept. But show a breast, and suddenly there are Congressional hearings.