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Saturday, November 19, 2011


I am speechless. This episode was perfect. I loved it, and I say this as a guy who has been wanting to love this series but so far has only been able to just like it a lot. I loved this episode.

Harm was a deliciously creepy villain. Everything about him was chilling. His speech patterns could have easily been corny, but thanks to great writing and terrific voice acting they were very unnerving. I spent most of the episode wondering how Artemis and Zatanna were going to defeat him. Scratch that, not just wondering how they were, wondering IF they were. And as a thirty-year old jaded TV watcher, I hardly ever wonder IF the bad guy is going to be beaten.

The story was very heavy, and the truth about Secret was heartbreaking. I've heard of Secret and Harm before, but I didn't know their story, and I had no idea she was dead, never mind that her brother killed her. Child murder in a cartoon? Okay, there's been plenty of attempted child murder, but the real deal? Harsh. Very harsh.

The B-plot balanced out the dark drama with a lot of humor. While Artemis and Zatanna fought for their lives, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Kid Flash were attending a school Halloween dance and there they warded off... a prank. I would like to say that Marvin the Martian with Godzilla's roar is the single greatest thing a human being could ever have come up with.

Martians invading, eh? Ooh... foreshadowing for season two? And here I thought Darkseid was being set up for season two. Hmm, maybe he is. Maybe he'll be in cahoots with the White Martians. Maybe I am reading too deep into this. It wouldn't be the first time.

The brief C-plot was about Aqualad, Red Arrow, Robin, and Batman discussing who the traitor was. At this point, I have no idea. I'm leaning towards M'Gann. Or maybe it's Aqualad.

If I had one complaint, it was about Artemis taking the news that Superboy and Miss Martian are a couple that hard. She only expressed interest in him on screen once, and that was in her first appearance. Aqualad alluded to it a few episodes back, but I think we needed more. Artemis, aggressive as she is, could have flirted with Superboy more. But that doesn't detract from this perfect episode, because it's not this episode's problem. The episodes that preceded this one should have laid a little more pipe.

BTW, Marvel Zombie... very cute.

A+, Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, Encore! Encore!


  1. This ep had some of the darkest stuff I've ever seen in a western animated series. We've definitely come a long way from the days when spidey wasn't allowed punch his villains.

    As a mythology geek, I also got a kick out of the Sword of Beowulf's scabbard being what can only be Grendel's severed arm.

  2. I do think Artemis might've gotten mad because of her thing with Wally and he's still flirting with Megan even though she's off the market. Yeah it doesn't make too much sense, but she's a teenage girl and hormones don't have to make sense.

    I'm also disappointed that you didn't mention Snapper Carr (Greg Weisman) was dressed as Edmund Tsabard at the Halloween party.

  3. Actually, Artemis tried setting up Megan with Aqualad in "Denial". Granted, that was the episode after "Infiltrator", but there was another hint there at least. I could of sworn there were more hints about her crush on Superboy in "Bereft" and "Alpha Male", but I'll have to re-watch them to make sure.

    I'm glad you loved the episode overall. Seeing Wonderwall post about he hates it instead of your review just feels wrong to me.

    Has he still not gotten back to you about your ban yet?

  4. Honestly, I got the impression that Artemis was more bothered by the fact that M'gann didn't TELL her about her relationship with Conner. She knew, intellectually, that she really wasn't "in the running" as it were, which is why she just left to blow off some steam rather than stick around and berate them...but the fact that M'gann didn't have the decency to clue her in still understandably stings.

    The theme of "Secrets and Lies" has been layered all throughout the season, on both large and small scales; this is but another example.

    Anyway, fantastic episode, and fantastic review. I loved every damn minute of this thing, and I'm now heavily considering picking up more of Peter David's dramatic work based SOLELY on the script here.

    ...Also, in addition to everything mentioned above, the student dressed up as the Flaming C was utter win. XD

  5. Excellent review, Greg. Also, I just noticed that you were sadly banned from ToonZone again. What gives?

  6. Wonderwall banned him because of a comment he made about Lindsay Lohan. Thing is, GregX behaved himself since his first ban. What he said might have been a little bit out of line, but there was no reason he couldn't have just gotten an in-thread poke. Nobody even had a problem with what he said!

    He e-mailed an appeal to him, but I"m guessing Wonderwall is ignoring him.

  7. Ah, if that's the case, he might want to try and go to another mod, then.

    What a gyp, though.

  8. How could it be a perfect episode for you when you had a complaint a few paragraphs later?

    The aforementioned complaint along with Harm looking like he came from Anime cosplay were the only things that made this episode my second favorite after "Infiltrator".
    I find it strange that my top three favorite episodes are Artemis centric yet she's not even my favorite character.

    Ben Diskin is up there as having the one of most disturbing voices for a villain twice. I can't believe he's also known for playing Number one and Two in the CN modern day classic series Kids Next Door.

  9. The episode was perfect, the problem I mentioned was a problem of previous episodes.

  10. There was a subtle reference to Artemis liking Superboy in Denial. With her trying to convince Megan that she & Aqualad would make a cute couple.
    There's also been other references to her "crush" on Superboy in the YJ comics. BTW how much of the Young Justice Comics have you read?

  11. Forgot about that, still it hasn't been brought up.

    I haven't read the comics.