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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ricochet Rabbit

I am beyond late with this review, and it's going to be brief, sorry.

Now with the truth about Gellar revealed, Travis steps up as the sadistic bastard I've suspected he was from the get go. And man, what a transformation. He's almost as creepy as Edward James Olmos was. And his new disciples.... you see, this is what unemployment can lead to. Fix the economy, Congress!

So the master plan is to unleash a chemical attack on Miami. Chilling. But considering all the plagues in the Bible, not too surprising. But not as chilling as tracking down the one he got away and cutting her up on the yacht.

Batista revives his tradition of getting into deep trouble as a finale is up and coming. First, being stabbed by Brian Moser, then being accused of sexual assault by Lila West, and now this. Poor guy.

Debra is going to find out who her brother really is, I am convinced of this now. And it's long past time. When she was reading off Travis' psych profile, it was a dead ringer for Dexter. I love the parallelism.

And as for Dexter himself, it's about time he started arguing with "Harry." But it's also about time he tipped off the police. This is bigger than him and his Dark Passenger now.

I'm pumped up for tonight's episode. Five hours away.

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