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Monday, December 12, 2011

Talk To the Hand

For the love of the same god that Travis worships, they cannot be serious!

Let me talk about the elephant in the room before I move on. Debra's psychiatrist thinks that Debra is in love with Dexter. And now, Debra is beginning to think so too. Dexter Morgan and Debra Morgan are brother and sister. Yes, Dexter was adopted, but they've been raised as brother and sister since he was three or four years old, and she is younger. I don't care if they are not biologically related, this is messed up. They are brother and sister! I'm not opposed to incestuous relationships in fiction, depending upon how they are presented, but this?

I was thinking and hoping that Debra would have a big realization about Dexter this season, but I did not want this to be that realization. Why? Do they think it will add to the tragedy when Debra actually does discover what Dexter actually is? If so, it is unnecessary! They were already very close as brother and sister. It doesn't need an element where Debra wants to fuck him!

The rest of the episode was very enjoyable. I thought the first half hour was very intense, and when Dexter shoved Doomsday Beth into that airtight room, killing her? Great stuff, very suspenseful. Granted by the time Dexter and Deb made it back to the station, I knew she wouldn't succeed, but I did wonder earlier than that if she would kill a lot of police officers.

Travis needs to learn how to tie knots. Both Angel and Dexter were able to escape from knots he tied, the latter was a scene more over the top than usual for this show, but the Lake of Fire imagery was very cool.

So, Travis thinks Dexter is the Devil? Appropriate.

Louis is going to be the villain of season seven, calling it now. Aside from that, not too much else to say about him. But he seems to be the best investigator at Miami Metro.

Finally, yes finally, I can't feel bad for Matthews. Yes, LaGuerta blackmailed him earlier in the season to get her promotion, but he should have gone to Deb directly to get her to close the book on that case, instead he tried to get LaGuerta to do it, whom he knows hates him and wants his job. What did he think would happen?

I know it won't happen, but if the writers need to manipulate a situation that doesn't feel organic, manipulate one where LaGuerta ends up on Dexter's table, not one where Debra wants to fuck Dexter.


  1. I honestly think that the only reason they're going this route is to get on Michael and Jennifer's nerves. That's the only reasonable explaination I can come up with.


  2. Icicle Jr.: "Dude, she's your sister!"

    Sorry, someone had to say it. ;)

  3. Well, that amused me far more than it should have. Thanks. ;)

    I didn't know you watched "Dexter."

  4. Only this season and the 2nd half of the last, otherwise I'm pretty much a newbie to Dexter, thats why I rarely comment on it. Though that's nothing Netflix can't fix during my winter break. ;)

  5. You know, I thought the same thing when I heard about this storyline, seemed completely leftfield and out of the blue...

    But then I went back and re-watched the entire series from season 1....and there are a LOT of hints to this right from the first episode.

    Never anything major, and certainly never obvious, but theres just lots of little things, comments and looks between the characters that are just a little too odd for brother and sister.

    After re-watching the entire show, the incest storyline in season 6 actually makes a little sense...