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Sunday, December 18, 2011

This is the Way the World Ends

The Father, the Son, and the Serial Killer

I have a feeling many reviews, articles and blogs will be using the above line. But, it's shockingly appropriate when discussing this episode. Another season of "Dexter" has come and gone, and I would be lying if I said this was the best season. But it was a large step up from season five, and I think I enjoyed it even more than season three. "Dexter" is always good TV, and like all good TV shows that have run for more than three seasons, they start getting compared to themselves. Will "Dexter" ever be as great as its fourth season again? Who knows, but that's the highest bar, and I don't think a TV show should ever be under pressure to top itself. Now, with all of that out of the way, let's discuss this episode.

I love "Dexter" season finales, they are always fast paced, blood pumping and suspenseful. The villains on this show are easy to hate, and Travis Marshall has had a long overdue appointment with Dexter's table. And that final scene was glorious! Just watching Dexter peel Travis' delusional excuses back layer by layer before plunging his knife into Travis' heart was so... satisfying. Of course, I doubt that's what everybody is going to be talking about, but I'm getting there. Don't worry.

Quinn, as I have said before, I've never liked. I'm with Angel on this one, he needs to get transferred out of homicide, stat. Yes, he saved Angel's life, but had he been there when he was supposed to, Angel wouldn't have been in that situation to begin with and Travis would have been caught much sooner. Live are on the line, and this is a job that Quinn is not qualified for. But I suppose the Miami Police Department could use an extra hand writing parking tickets.

I really enjoyed Debra's development this season, mostly (I'll get to it), and I don't care what LaGuerta says, I think Debra is already a good lieutenant. She still has a lot to learn, but that department needs someone who actually cares, and doesn't just play politics. I thought the advice that LaGuerta gave Debra at the end was rather horrible. I still hate the development that Debra is in love with Dexter, but I said my peace on that last week. Which brings me to...


As Dexter delivers the killing blow to Travis, in the church, Debra walks in. She knows. Now, I saw this development coming all season, and it was all but confirmed for me the moment Debra asked Dexter to go back to the church to do some more work. But that didn't make the scene any less satisfying. And it won't make the wait for season seven any more torturous. What a moment to leave us on. Perfectly calculated to leave us talking about it, speculating and waiting. Just like the sixth season finale of "Weeds" when Nancy Botwin turned herself in to the authorities.

I will maintain that I do not think Debra being in love with Dexter was a necessary element to up the tragedy. They were and are brother and sister, and it was a very well done brother and sister relationship. This new element doesn't add to the drama, it distracts from it. They're going to have to work very hard in season seven to make this works.

Until then, the episode accomplished what it needed to accomplish. It finished off Travis in a satisfying manner, and will keep the show on our minds until the next season rolls around. Me? If anyone has a Delorean, or a Phoenix Gate, so I can go and see it sooner than the rest of you, please let me know.

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