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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Season Two of "V."

Last year, I wrote a review for the first season of "V." I called it a good show that could be a great show and said that I was anticipating the second season. Well, what we got instead was a pretty bad show.

I will start with the two big flaws.

Throughout the first season, we never knew why the Visitors (the Vs) came to Earth. They said it was to help us, but we never knew their true reasons. In season two, we learned that their agenda was to breed with us. The Vs came all the way to Earth. God knows how many light years. More than five hundred mother ships. The entire species. To FUCK our women! They came all the way to Earth to fuck our women. Why couldn't they have just grabbed a few, cloned them, and then been on their happy way? If they are so good at genetics, why can't they use their own females? When your plot is something that gets mocked on a regular basis by "Mystery Science Theater 3000," I'm not going to take you seriously.

In the original series, I believe they came to Earth for our water. That makes so much more sense.

The second big flaw was the relationship between our protagonist, Erica Evans, and her son, Retarded Cockstain. As I said last time, they made Retarded Cockstain such an unlikeable, and downright hateful piece of shit, that you wanted him to get killed violently. In fact, there were only two moments watching this season that made me smile. First, when Erica slapped him in the face because he was being a dick. And then at the end when Retarded Cockstain got murdered by Fake-Lisa. Yes, Retarded Cockstain got killed, and we all cheered. And you know what, we weren't supposed to be cheering. We were supposed to be worried for him. That scene was supposed to be tragic. It wasn't. It was funny, and made you want to drink your beer. And Erica's relationship with her son was the entire emotional crux of the show.

The plot failed, and the emotional crux failed.

Not to mention the entire series often feels like one giant cliche. Okay, Erica's estranged husband comes back into their lives, to help her get Retarded Cockstain away from the Vs. And it looks like he and Erica are going to get back together. I look at my watch and give him fifteen minutes to live. He's dead in ten.

Hardly any of the characters are the least bit likable. Erica remains as bland as she ever was. I was hoping she would come into her own this season, but she doesn't. There is really nothing that makes me care about this character. The one emotional crux is failure, and beyond that she is your designated protagonist.

Anna was a well done antagonist in the first season, but she's become so invincible, it's getting boring. At this point, it's all so contrived, she could steal an infant out of a stroller from a widow, and eat its head like an apple on live television and people would still think she's the greatest thing ever. It was well done in the first season, now it feels absolutely contrived. The saddest thing about it is that Erica and Anna are perfect foils for each other, but it's just being so poorly done.

God, I hate the reporter. For being a member of the Fifth Column, he does absolutely nothing to help them and everything to help Anna. I understand it's a case of keeping your enemies close. But this is just asinine.

And then there is Joshua, a member of Fifth Column who serves as a scientist on Anna's mother ship. Anna orders him to grow her new queen egg to replace her daughter, Lisa. Okay, he grows the egg, he gives her skin. And then, he does NOTHING to stop her from killing Retarded Cockstain. And on top of that, why go through decades of preparation only to have him fuck her and die? They could have slapped him in a tank and milked his jizz for multiple inseminations.

This season, we were also introduced to Anna's mother, Diana. The previous queen of the Vs, who Anna overthrew and locked away, and told her people was dead. Diana had a lot of potential and I was digging her up until her very, very stupid death.

Diana plans to take back her people, while Anna is assassinated while down in the city. Diana escapes from her cell, and gathers her people together in a huge room. There were hundreds of them in there. She is making her speech, and then Anna and her entourage sneak up behind her, and Anna impales her on her tail. That really annoyed me. Doesn't Diana have any hearing? She can't hear Anna and her goons walking up behind her. None of the hundreds of people reacted? How did Anna sneak up on her? They were all standing on a HUGE platform. Oy, just another example of just how contrived this show is.

We find out we have a secret cabal under Manhattan of top brass and officials who know the Vs are lying. And they do NOTHING!!!!!!! They don't even fire a scud at them, blame terrorists, and use it as a ruse to test their defenses. We had no hint of such a group.

Oh, and the final twist. They make a huge deal about how only queens can bliss people. Anna can't do it to humans without it killing her, but all of a sudden and magically, the hybrid who is half human and not a queen can do it? Really? So, Ryan's half-human daughter who has been brainwashed into thinking Anna is her mommy blisses every human on the planet, leading to our cliffhanger.

Is there anything about the show that I like? Well, I liked the priest. I did like when Anna forged her alliance with the Roman Catholic Church, I thought that was pretty clever.

"V" is a show that makes me angry. I wanted it to be a good show. The first season, in spite of its flaws, was so very intriguing. But this? I'm sorry, but I doubt even killing off Retarded Cockstain will be enough to bring me back for a third season. But, it doesn't look like there is going to be a third season. ABC has yet to renew the series, so for all intents and purposes Anna wins.

EDIT: "V" was cancelled. Anna wins.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coop Yells at Supervillains!

So, what would he say to other well known supervillains? If you can guess who all of these people are, consider yourself a true geek.

1. "Listen up you massive, stone-faced freak! You enslaved my planet, broke down reality, Jamie won't stop muttering about how 'you are', and you made Kiva wear some sort of kinky tiki mask... and worst of all, you did all of this with some lame math equation! Really, what kind of a loser conquers the universe with MATH?! Now, on behalf of me and everyone else who flunked algebra... you're going DOWN!"

2. "Alright you purple winged bitch. You tried to kill all us humans, shot lasers at my robot with a bazooka, AND you are an even bitchier red-head than Kiva! Now, it's payback time. I'm clipping your wings!"

3. "Listen up, you greasy clown! You spray painted my robot, blew up the hospital my mom was staying at, AND your magic trick didn't make me laugh! You're going down. Hard!"

4. "Shut Up you singing, musical spawning, wimp! You sent innocent people to attack us, hypnotized Kiva to do your bidding, AND YOU MADE ME DANCE! Well guess what, time to close the curtain on you!"

5. "Alright you fat, pig faced, little snot! You called me a stupid Jew, you crapped on my robot, AND you ground Jamie up into chili and fed him to me! Prepare to finally get spanked!"

6. "Alright you shapeshifting master of evil, you unleashed an unspeakable evil, tore open a portal in time, AND you sent the pizza delivery guy to the pit of hate! NOBODY gets between me and my large stuffed-crust with sausage and jalapenos!"

7. "Listen up you little, green elf! You threw Kiva off a bridge, you pumpkin bombed GameStop, and..."
*Jamie interrupts* "And, you knocked Gwen up before I could date her!"

8. "Alright you racist Kraut! You shot up that girl's family, you strangled that hottie to death, AND you ate the last piece of cake at the banquet. Now, I'm going to give you something that's permanent!"

9. "Listen up you has-been of a movie director. You ripped off "Ferngully," stole from "The Smurfs," AND you made me pay $15 to see a "Dances With Wolves" knock-off in 3D! Well here comes a metal massacre you can use in your next movie!!!!!"*

10. "That's it, you jerk. You ripped a hole in time, destroyed my favorite hangout, shrunk Goat, and your tried to steal my ride. I am going to knock your butt into next year."

11. "All right you effeminate insect wannabe, first you parked your cocoon in Megas's space, then you sent your terror midgets to scare Jamie and then you end up trashing my favorite all you can eat pizza buffet trying to find this scientist guy? You are going down."

12. "That's it you insane squid in a can, first you scratched up my robot, then you tried to remove Jamie's eye because he failed you as a minion." *Turns to Jamie.* "What was that all about?"
Jamie: "Never mind you are on a roll."
"Oh yeah, and whats worse you tried to erase the existence of their main world and trying to keep my favorite cartoon from ever happening. Now it's personal."

13. "You arrogant greedy dirt bag. First you made me waste money on a lame disaster flick, then you made me queasy with all of your shakey camera action and you destroy my childhood and made all giant robots look bad, you are so going down."

14. "Alright bucket head! You threatened those wussies at the UN! Tore out that short dude's metal skeleton! And you fried my computer's hard drive with your powers!"
Jamie: "Uh Coop, you do know your antivirus software is way out of date. is full of viruses and crap."
"Shut up, Jamie."

15. "That's it! You spider freaks killed that weird looking juke box guy! You destroyed that planet! AND YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME A KFC BUCKET WHEN YOU ASKED ME WHAT I WANT! You're going down. You're going down, hard!"

16. "Listen up, baldy! You tried to nuke the west coast! You were the worst President in history! AND YOU STOLE FORTY CAKES! THOSE WERE MY CAKES! Let's dance!"

17. "Alright snake man! You tried to kill a little kid! You shot a magic skull and snake over the sky above the Burger King! AND YOU KILLED EDWARD CULLEN!"
Jamie: "Isn't that last one a public service?"
"Yes, well... that doesn't make up for Burger King."

18. "I can't take this anymore, you pink sock head! You tried to kill Captain America! You unleashed a bunch of dough blobs on the Statue of Liberty! AND... I'm sorry, that pink sock you wear on your head is just weird looking. And what's with that dalmation fur?"

*"...But "Aliens" kicked ass!" after the entire city has been decimated and James Cameron has been destroyed five times over.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Young Spidey or Spidey Justice... ?

The centerpiece of an upcoming Marvel programming block on Disney XD, this animated series from Marvel follows Peter Parker who, as the storyline begins, has been Spider-Man for just one year. He’s fought villains, saved lives, but still has much to learn about being a super-hero. Now, Nick Fury gives Peter the chance to go to the next level — to train to be a real super-hero and become The Ultimate Spider-Man. But before he can do that, Peter will have to learn how to work with a team of fellow teenage super-heroes. The series’ award-winning creative team includes Paul Dini (“Batman: The Animated Series,” “Lost”), the creative powerhouse Man of Action Studios (creators of “Ben 10″ and “Generator Rex”), comprised of lauded creators Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle; and Brian Michael Bendis (visionary behind Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man comic series).

So, they cancelled "Spectacular Spider-Man" for this? It sounds like "Young Justice" starring Spider-Man. Cute. Very, very cute.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Okay, this was what J. Michael Straczynski coined "a wham episode." At first glance, the entire cast getting amnesia is an old idea, but we got perhaps my favorite single episode of the series to date out of it. Revelations and teases ran wild in this episode.

Let's start with Artemis. It's safe to say that her father is a supervillain. And she was training under him relatively recently. In fact, she immediately assumed she was supposed to kill Wally. This certainly makes her more ominous, especially after her tense conversation with Cheshire in "Infiltrator." So what are Artemis and her mother doing living in a low rent apartment in Gotham when daddy is a supervillain, and Cheshire is a member of the League of Shadows? Curious.

And while I'm on the subject of Artemis, I absolutely love that when Wally doesn't remember her, or his biases against her, he hits on her. Often.

We also learn a lot about Miss Martian. I theorized last week that she learned about Earth from watching sitcoms, and it looks like I was right. Beyond that, she seems to have taken her human name, and her human appearance from a sitcom called "Hello Megan." And what seemed for weeks like a very, very, very annoying line and quirk is suddenly a plot point. It also lines up with Martian Manhunter learning about humans from watching cop shows. Although I am beginning to wonder if she actually is J'onn's niece.

But that lines up with something I've been enjoying about this show. In most team shows like this, only one character has a big secret that is damaging to the team. In "Justice League" it was Hawkgirl. In "Wolverine and the X-Men" it was Emma Frost. In "Young Justice" there may be more than one. Artemis has her secrets. There are definitely secrets about Superboy. Miss Martian seems to have her secrets. So far, Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad seem to be on the level. The only secret Robin seems to have is his secret identity.

So, in this episode, the team is assigned by Batman to locate alien technology that appeared in Bialya. Bialya is a rogue state ruled by a dictator calling herself Queen Bee. Well, she must be ruthless and dangerous to be a woman who has managed to rise to power in Africa or the Middle East. On that note, I find the timing of this episode's broadcast hilarious considering that Bialya is a near-anagram for Libya, especially considering the revolution that's taking place over there, which we all hope will be result in the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi's regime. But, I suspect Queen Bee will be far more than Muammar Gaddafi with boobs. But I'll get back to her in a moment.

Psimon made for a fun and creepy villain. I loved the psionic battle between him and Miss Martian. I love how this show makes minor villains feel like a dangerous threat. It happened with Lord Kobra and Sportsmaster. It happened with Black Manta and Professor Ivo. Now Psimon.

Of course, at the end, he reports to the Light. Specifically, he reports to L-4, voiced by Demona herself, Marina Sirtis. Hmm... Marina said a year ago that she was playing Queen Bee on this show. Queen Bee was mentioned by Batman as the ruler of Bialya, and now we hear Marina's voice behind a Light silhouette. Yeah, I think it's safe to say we've got definite confirmation on L-4's identity. Nice to see Marina Sirtis isn't being wasted on a one-shot villain, but being used as one of the Big Bads.

But the real surprise was the ending. Was that a Boom Tube? L-4 mentioned a new partner, and his delivery system. Alien technology was being delivered to the Light through this Boom Tube. I think it's more than safe to say that the Light has allied itself with Darkseid. The stakes have just risen exponentially.

Yes, a definite wham episode.

Voice Comparisons...

So I discovered a website that can keep one distracted for hours and hours.

Behind the Voice Actors

My favorite section is their voice comparison section, you get to hear audio samples of every actor who ever played a certain character for a cartoon or video game, and vote on who you think was the best one.

I've voted on a few of these, and I think I'll share my votes and why I picked them.


The Master of Magnetism is my favorite comic book character of all time, so naturally this one would interest me. Now, I think Magneto found his perfect actor in Sir Ian McKellen. He is Magneto, as far as I'm concerned. But, he never voiced Magneto in any video game or movie tie-in and wasn't an option.

Thank god for Tom Kane though. He sounds a lot like McKellen without sounding like he's doing an impression. He definitely brings the regal attitude, class, and charismatic nature of the character to life in "Wolverine and the X-Men" and I am glad they kept him around for "Marvel vs Capcom 3." As far as I'm concerned, he can voice Magneto for the rest of his life, and I get the impression Marvel is eager to let him.

Dwight Schultz also did well, but the rest just didn't cut it. Earl Boen's Magneto sounded like a typical 80's cartoon villain in "Pryde of the X-Men;" David Hemblen sounded like he was going to invite me for a spot of tea at any moment in the 90's "X-Men" cartoon, and Christopher Judge's Magneto in "X-Men Evolution" sounded more like a petty thug than the terrorist revolutionary turned statesman. And as for Tony Jay. I love Tony Jay, I miss Tony Jay. But he was tragically miscast as Magneto in "X-Men Legends."


Definitely Josh Keaton. As far as I'm concerned, Josh Keaton was not just playing Spider-Man, he is Spider-Man. Just as much as Kevin Conroy is still Batman. He voiced Spidey in "The Spectacular Spider-Man" and in "Marvel vs Capcom 3." Like with Tom Kane, as far as I'm concerned, Josh can play Spidey forever. I just hope Marvel lets him. But I know everyone expected he'd get my vote, so I'll discuss my runner-up.

Quinton Flynn was pretty good in the first "Ultimate Alliance." I liked him in the role, he may not be Spidey like Josh was, but he did very well. I also have a soft spot for Ted Schwartz since he was the first Spidey I ever heard.

As for Christopher Daniel Barnes, I think he could have been a great Spider-Man, but he was under the constraints of terrible voice direction. When Jamie Thomason got a hold of him for "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" I heard a pretty damn good performance.

But, in the end, for me, it will always be Josh Keaton.

Dr. Doom

This was a tough one, for me it came down to Clive Revill who voiced Doom in "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" and Simon Templeman who voiced Doom in the second season of the 90's "Fantastic Four" cartoon. Now, let me state this, I hated that 90's cartoon. I also loved "Ultimate Alliance" and I thought Revill brought a great sense of menace to the role. However, I gave Templeman my vote for bringing that sense of arrogance and such a pompous sense of arrogance to the role... the bright spot in a very lacking television series.


Okay, Cal Dodd pretty much laid the foundation for what Wolverine sounds like. Before that, we had a lot of really, really bad Australian accents. But, I have to say that Steve Blum perfected it. Steve has been voicing Wolverine for seven years now. First in the "X-Men Legends" video game series then in "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" then in "Wolverine and the X-Men" and so many other productions... most recently "Marvel vs Capcom 3." Marvel doesn't seem to want to let him go, and who can blame them? I'd say Steve Blum is for Wolverine what Josh Keaton is for Spider-Man and Kevin Conroy is for Batman.

Okay, that's enough for now. I'll probably be back with more soon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This is a hard episode for me to review. I've always been much more of a Marvel guy than a DC guy; and as far as Marvel goes, Prince Namor has always been a character who hasn't interested me one iota. So, while I'm pretty ignorant of DC, I'm especially ignorant of Aquaman's corner of the DC Universe. I felt like I'd be having major geekgasms if I knew who any of these people were. But, with that out of the way, I did enjoy the episode quite a bit.

I loved the cold opening with Clayface. The design made him look positively terrifying, made worse by the shot of the entire team unconscious at his feet. Of course, Batman shows up and quickly puts an end to that. I've always loved Batman, and while we don't see him in action often in this show, when we do, it's always sweet.

I loved Aqualad's story in this episode, but I felt like there should have been a little more build up to him being unfocused, with his head in Atlantis. Because in just about every prior episode where he took charge, he was nothing but focused. Yes, I understood that the team's defeat at the hands of Clayface, who they should be able to defeat on a good day was that build up. But I feel like just a little something in the previous episode or two, before it leads to this defeat would have been nice.

That all said, this episode finally gave Aqualad the fleshing out he needed, and revealed many more facets of the character beyond being the straight man on the team. I enjoyed his friendship with Garth and Tula. I always enjoy his relationship with his king... and I enjoyed seeing him battle Black Manta.

Speaking of Black Manta, I thought he was really cool. I loved his look, he came off as a real threat. And I loved his... "fatherly" concern over Aqualad. Although, I kind of wish Greg and Brandon didn't reveal at various conventions that he is Aqualad's father. On the other hand, it's cool being in on a secret that no one else knows. Given that connection, I am sure we'll see Black Manta again. I had also previously theorized that Black Manta was a member of the Light, and I was proven wrong, he works for them like Sportsmaster does. And he was answering to, as Weisman revealed in his credits, the mysterious L-5.

On that note, I think L-5 may be the first member of the Light we've seen in the flesh. He does share a voice actor with Prince Orm, who I am told in the comics was Ocean Master. And now that Queen Mera is with child, hmm... shades of Uncle Scar, anyone? I hope we start seeing more members in the flesh pretty soon.

I have a feeling I should know what that giant starfish thing is, but I don't. Aw well, I know that the Light wants it, and that's an intriguing enough hook.

Artemis looks like she's finally been confirmed as Artemis Crock. But in a series that is all about secrets and lies, and with all the trouble the creators have gone to to keep her identity a secret, I think that might be as true as her being Green Arrow's niece. Batman going through all the trouble of getting her into a fancy prep school tells me he wants to keep an eye on her. And I'm sure there is a reason her mother is in a wheelchair... considering how well Cheshire seems to know her, maybe her mother was involved with the League of Shadows.

The Superboy and Miss Martian scene came off as pretty creepy. I mean, why was he just sitting there staring at snow on television? And then it almost seems like he's in a trance after that, and what happens when he gets covered in food, he sits back down and continues watching. Something is up here, I don't think this was just an innocent little scene. He was seeing something on TV that non-Kryptonians can't.

Speaking of TV, did someone say "Hello Megan" on TV at Artemis' apartment? Looks like an explanation for Miss Martian's really annoying catch-phrase. I'll admit it, I'm one of the people who can't stand it, but if she learned all about interacting with humans from watching sitcoms, I guess I can buy how she would come to think that's normal behavior on Earth to emulate.

And finally, I loved Dick's moment with Bruce playing Basketball. Nice to see that despite being Robin's general, Bruce Wayne is still, for all intents and purposes, Dick Grayson's father.

Good episode. Looking forward to the next one.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Magneto... Again?

Magneto... again? That's what I've heard from people who are upset that the X-Men movie franchise has yet to feature villains like Apocalypse or Mr. Sinister. As for myself, I don't mind the continued use of Magneto. I would be very happy if Apocalypse and Sinister never appeared on the silver screen, and if they faded into character limbo.

I know I'm in the minority on this, but I think characters like Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister are really, really lame villains. It took over a decade for either of them to be defined at all. Apocalypse was a great big powerful uber mutant who had this ill defined survival of the fittest thing going. Sinister, we didn't know what he was about for over a decade, then they connected him with Apocalypse, which came out of no where. The problem was, they were both introduced as "mysterious" villains, and nothing was revealed about them, hints that went no where, it was dragged out, creative teams changed, new ideas were added, and what we got was a jumbled mess.

I think the X-Men films did the right thing by sticking with Magneto for all three films. He is a compelling character, and he's not wrong. In fact, I've often argued that Magneto is right and Xavier and his merry band of mutants are hippy morons.

And you know what, it has always made for fascinating debates on morality and ethics when one is discussing Xavier and Magneto. Personally, I think making nice with those who are trying to kill you is stupid at best. If I were a mutant, I'd join Magneto's Brotherhood before I joined the X-Men. Which is why I thought Colonel Stryker was a great choice for the villain in X2. He represented what the worst of human kind would do to mutants. He was the face of human bigotry. Which is really what these movies, and what X-Men are about. Mutants and humans. Bigotry, tolerance and understanding. X-Men is not about cosmic entities, aliens, and ancient Egyptian all powerful beings.

So, yeah, keep the big, convoluted "OMG! KEWL MYSTERIOUS!" characters away from the movies. The long dragged out, often changing the mind mystery didn't make them cool, it made them dull.

The thing about Apocalypse is, pretty much every plan he's ever tried to enact (with the possible exception of his first appearance) has been complete crap. He's got a killer rep, but you have to look beneath the surface: is he actually an interesting character? Has he really done anything too villainous? His greatest success has been in an alternate reality, for crying out loud... what's our Poccy ever done? And sadly the answer is: not much. We're told frequently that his power is immense... but again, when is that evidenced? He doesn't fight hand-to-hand too often. His powers are entirely generic: shape-changing, getting bigger, super-strong, fire energy blasts.

Just as an exercise, stack Apocalypse up against Magneto: Mags has interesting, innovative powers; a deep, nuanced backstory; a philosophical stance that you can actually relate to, even support; and actual character development on his side. Poccy has none of those things, with the arguable exception of a mildly interesting back story. It's just not enough. When Apocalypse is due to appear, I roll my eyes and think, "Oh crap, three months of bellowing about 'Survival of the fittest!' and world-shattering events, at the end of which absolutely nothing will be different."

Which, frankly, is Apocalypse's other problem as a character- his rep is such that every appearance has to be a MEGA HUGE EVENT, after which the X-Men's lives "will never be the same!" And then the story comes and goes, and the status quo is exactly the same, except Cyclops is dead for three months or Wolverine is evil but will probably be good again in the other five books he appears in this month. You can do a one-off issue with Magneto, you can do a story investigating Mystique's past, or Sebastian Shaw's motivations for what he does. You try to do anything less than an ultra-big life-altering story with Apocalypse, it ain't happening. He's the summer blockbuster of X-Men villains... and like most summer blockbusters, the first one was pretty fun but most of the sequels have sucked, and sucked hard.

But why are Apocalypse and Sinister in such demand for the movies? I blame the X-Men cartoon from the early 1990s. That series, like the Batman series of the 60s, put the X-Men on the pop culture map. Apocalypse became the de facto main villain of the series because he happened to be the big thing in the comics at the time. Mr. Sinister had an entire season arc centered around him in the second season before returning as a minion of Apocalypse later on. And while Magneto appeared in the series, he did not take center stage as their primary antagonist and Xavier's philosophical opposite. They disagreed, but he helped them more often and was only in direct opposition to them in his first appearance. And later on, he too served briefly as a henchman for Apocalypse before again allying with the X-Men.

Before "Batman Begins" came out, a few years prior, there was a poll done in a magazine asking readers who they wanted the next villain to be. By now the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane had all been featured. The next obvious two villains were Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul. Needless to say, they didn't win the poll. King Tut won the poll. That's right, King Tut. From the Adam West Batman show.

To me, that's what Apocalypse and Sinister have always been... King Tut and Louie the Lilac. Okay, that's an exaggeration since they've been in the comics, but for the most part Apocalypse and Sinister haven't factored into things much since the 90s... they were products of their era, and they need to go away.