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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Continuing to Pick on George Lucas

GEORGE LUCAS ADMITS TO INDY FRIDGE SCENE - Blame me, he says. Okay, we will

The fridge scene is the least of the movie's problems.

The golden rule with action movies is that if you're having fun, you don't care about pesky facts, logic or science getting in the way. The real problems were things like pace, motivation of characters, that no-one has any affection for Shia LeBouef, and most of all that the movie just has no heart.

What makes "Raiders of the Lost Ark" such a great movie is that it's an action adventure where you actually care about the characters. What's Raiders really about? No, not the Ark of the Covenant. It's about these two people who loved one another, well if not wisely, coming together. That's what people like Lucas and Michael Bay just don't get. You can have all the giant robots and explosions and massive CG spaceships, but at the core of it all, you've got to care about the characters and the story. That's why films like "Lord of the Rings," the first two "Star Wars" films, "Aliens," "Jaws," and "Wrath of Khan" are still watchable today.

Lucas apologists can babble all they want about "Lucas Derangement Syndrome" but the reality is the guy hasn't made a movie with a heart since at least the 80's. How many times can he have major influence whether producing or directing on terrible films before people finally admit he's lost his touch as a storyteller?

Oh, and by the way. "Red Tails" is currently at 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. The reviews read like every other Lucas film of the last few decades:

"When the heroes crash, they go up in blazes of digital glory that seem just as artificial as the plotting that brought them to their fates."

"More often than not, Red Tails feels like it's pandering to every focus group that it never even tested... It's so cautious as to be lifeless, which is a shame on a lot of levels."

"Lucas' clout may have brought this important story to the screen, but his filmmaking shortcomings keep it from being told effectively."

These reviews could read like the reviews for Phantom Menace or Indy 4 or even Howard the Duck.


  1. Or the first 20 minutes of Return of the Jedi. I liked the opening scene where they get into Jabba's palace to free Han. It only started sucking AFTER that. (in my opinion)

  2. I'd take Crystal Skull any day over Temple of Doom. Anyone who wants Willie and Short my guest...

  3. What "Lucas Derangement Syndrome"? He had a shitty time directing "A Hew Hope," he even admitted it. The reason he did not direct a film again until "The Phantom Menace" was because he waited until the technology advanced to the point where he could just whip up the sets on a computer, because we all know that visual effects are more important than directing actors, which a deaf schizophrenic necrophiliac could do better than Lucas.

    No, Lucas has always been a dick. Though this doesn't explain why "American Graffiti" was good. Maybe the entity in Lucas's neckbeard didn't take control of his mind until 1978? -Rob

  4. Eh, I liked Crystal Skull. What can I say, I thought Marion, Indy, and Mutt made a good family, so it worked for me. Maybe I just liked it because I went to see it with my dad, and he's the one who showed me the originals when I was younger, so I got a lot of nostalgia off of it. It's clear we're not going to agree on this, but it's always interesting to hear your opinions.

  5. Just so you know, Shia being in the movie to begin with was Spielberg's idea, not Lucas'. Lucas is to blame for the fridge scene and the aliens, though.