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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Hmmm…. maybe I am going to be sold on this one.

It’s nice to see Gwen Stacy in this. Let’s be honest, Gwen was in all three Raimi movies. They just gave her red hair and slapped the name Mary Jane Watson on her. Then MJ showed up for a little bit in the third movie, but with her hair bleached.

Spider-Man is actually funny. Grant he mumbles a lot, but I like this guy better than Maguire already. Toby can act, but he had maybe a little more charisma than Hayden Christensen.

Lizard is looking better. Not a fan of the design. But better. I still wish he had the lab coat and a snout.

I am sure that, if George Stacy survives this movie, he’ll become Spidey’s supporter among the police.

Am I in love with what I’m seeing? No. I still don’t like the costume. But while the Raimi trilogy had a more faithful costume, they took a lot more liberty with the characters. This is taking a lot more liberties with costumes and look, but seems to be a lot more faithful to the characters. And that always wins with me.

If they introduce MJ, and at some point either in this movie or the next, they will…. I am expecting that classic introduction.


  1. I wasn't sold on the film till seeing this trailer. It just seemed to hit all the right notes for me and I'm now expecting it to be better than the Raimi films, which I didn't care for that much. I could probably write an essay or two about how bad I thought those films were in regards to the comics, but that neither here nor there.

    Even though we're getting the origin again it at least looks like they're trying to do a different story. With his parents secret, the animosity with the police, Gwen actually being Gwen, etc. Though that "Untold Story" tagline is a bit silly.

  2. Hey, if you do write them, I'd love to see them.

  3. I've been toying with setting up a blog/website to post up articles and reviews I've written, but I just haven't had the time do anything. I'll see if I can get something written before the film comes out, though.

    My biggest problem is separating out my complaints about the films and my complaints about the fans. Especially now since I'm seeing a lot of comments about the Amazing film "not being comic accurate" like the Raimi films were somehow perfect comic adaptations. Raimi changed a lot in his films and gets praised for it; Webb changes something and gets bashed for it. *rolls eyes*

    I just hate fanboys sometimes.

  4. Did I just see Uncle Ben alive? That seems somewhat "wrong" to me but I'll see how it plays out. But I do like what I see in this trailer.

    It seems Peter's father and his work with Conner's project will be the big center point.

    And this is the part where I get depressed again and remember that Daddy was a scientist on Spectacular Spider-Man with Eddie's Father. I wonder if Brock and Parker had their own little project that they were working on? Too bad we'll never know. *Sigh* I miss Spectacular Spider-Man.

  5. Having MJ's classic introduction doesn't guarantee she'll be done well, though. The 90s animated series had the intro, after all, and....well, you know.

    1. I didn't say it would guarantee it, but one can hope.

      I didn't think Raimi's MJ was well done either.

  6. I heard there were a time where there were signs that this movie would turn into a tween porn. Thankfully the trailer dispelled that.