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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Back when I reviewed "Revelation" in October, I said: "I hope the next time someone puts that helmet on, taking it off does not come so easily." Yeah, I think it's safe to say I'm a sadistic monster and that I got what I wanted. More on that in a bit.

Upon reading the summary for "Misplaced," I will admit that I rolled my eyes a little at the set-up. All adults disappearing, in a world with only kids. I've seen it before, and it's almost always played in a very goofy manner. It's a cliche that I've found very tiring. But as the episode began, and the adults disappeared, I said to myself "wow, this is pretty dark" and frankly, I should have expected that from a series that is pretty dark in general. I was actually digging it. A cliche that I hate, and I was digging it. And that was before Act Two started and we found out the adults weren't actually gone. By the time the third act got going, and Captain Marvel was warping between dimensions to keep both the Team and the Leaguers up to speed on what the other side was doing, I was loving it.

I thought this episode was Captain Marvel's best showing to date. Now, I've never read a comic with Captain Marvel before in my life. I'm aware of the set-up, who he is, but he's another concept I always found corny. In this episode, well, he was really the key to cracking it open. The rather silly concept (okay, all superheroes are silly concepts when we get down to it) was played straight, and so honest that I forgot how corny I've always found the character.

But the real meat of the episode was Zatanna, whom I've enjoyed since she first appeared on this show. I will admit, I saw the tragedy coming pretty early in the episode. I just knew Zatara was going to end up as the new vessel of Nabu. What I didn't see coming was that Zatanna would put on the helmet of Fate first. So, instead of Zatara sacrificing himself to save the world from Klarion, he sacrifices himself to save his daughter. While both are heroic, the latter is just much more moving, and personal. Zatanna did take the helmet off, and it did not come easy. I've been clamoring for Zatanna to join the team since she first appeared, and like with the Helmet, I got what I wanted. Albeit through tragic circumstances. But, as established earlier, I am a sadistic monster.

I saw the Light's Xanatos Gambit coming a mile away, but I did enjoy it. And now we get another piece of the puzzle. So, Riddler is an agent of the Light, eh? Cool. And I always love me some evil Thom Adcox.

Overall, a solid episode for the series to return on. Thus far, "Young Justice" has been a series I like a lot, but not one that I love... which, in spite of my liking it a lot, made it a tad disappointing to me. I love "Gargoyles," I loved "Spectacular Spider-Man," I even loved "W.I.T.C.H." once I allowed myself to get past the fairy wings on the teenage girls and actually watch it. Is my being disappointed for just liking it a lot unfair? Yes... but I guess I hold Greg Weisman's shows to much higher standards, the same way I hold Martin Scorsese, or David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, or the Coen Brothers to higher standards than I hold, let's say Joe Johnston. But the past few episodes, particularly "Secrets" and "Humanity" have just knocked it out of the park. And with a welcome return, and things looking to climax over the next seven episodes, I might end up loving "Young Justice" after all. 


  1. "Yeah, I think it's safe to say I'm a sadistic monster and that I got what I wanted."

    Nah, your probably just prone to drama. ;)

    Anyways this was one twisted episode that works on ALOT of levels. Who voiced Billy Bastion? He did a really good job convincing me that he was actually Captain Marvel's alter ego and not just a kid playing him.
    Speaking of voice acting, Lacey Chabert did great in Zatanna's last two scenes and getting the characters sadness and regret across. Weird thing is she could've been in a scene similar to this on Greg's last show if it were still around.

    Also the biggest laugh for me was when Amber said she turned 18 years old @ midnight in the plane and disappears right on the spot. Of all the times, huh.

    1. Great review as always, Greg. You might be a sadist, but I'm an optimist, so I think by the end of this season you're going to be loving the show. ;)

      It really sucks having to put up with Wonderwall's BS about the last episode without you being able to counter him.

      This is what he said for the record:

      "Good to see the show back, especially since I absolutely hated the episode that the show went on a break with. I'm glad to say I thought this was a vast improvement over the awfulness of Secrets. I didn't think it was a great episode. I really don't like Klarion in this show, he's an annoying character and I like Tom Adcox but I don't like him here. Also Riddler is probably in his worst costume ever. Talk about really uncreative and almost as lame as Sportsmaster."

      Oh well, them's the breaks. Can't wait for you're next review.