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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh, this is going to be the feel good movie of the year!

Hey, sometimes Darwin just needs a little help.

I remember once at the gas station, this d-bag pulls up in a convertible with the subwoofers set to afterburner, and just leaves it thumping full volume as he gets out to walk in and buy some smokes. I asked him politely if he could turn it down, he says "fark You", and goes on in.

I am standing there for what seems an eternity, with the gas pump nozzle in my hand and his car interior within easy reach. I imagined how I could get away with spraying the whole car or just locking the pump on and throwing the nozzle into the car and driving off. Of course, I knew I was on a TV camera, and I'm not a sociopath, so I didn't act on what was one of the strongest impulses in my life.

But I DId think about it.

I understand, deeply, this movie, I think.

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